China's first carbon fiber heavy truck debut weight loss of 29%

China's first dump truck equipped with a carbon fiber composite car was recently rolled off the road in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The car is 8.6 meters long and has a load of 50 tons. It has a weight of 4.8 tons and a weight reduction of 29% compared to the metal car. This is a composite heavy truck in China. The successful application for the first time in China means that new breakthroughs have been made in the application of composite materials in the automotive lightweight field.

According to the introduction of Cao Shoujun, Chairman of Baotou Deyi Vehicle Co., Ltd., in order to realize the application of composite materials in the heavy truck industry, under the leadership and promotion of the local government, three parties from Baotou Deyi, Beijing Bluestar, and Beijing Sinoma Automobile Composite Materials Co., Ltd. On April 11, 2011, a project cooperation agreement was signed, starting with a 8.6m heavy-duty truck dump truck for road transportation, using high-performance fiber composite materials to replace steel parts, completing the research and development of heavy-duty truck dump trucks and achieving mass production, and striving to achieve Heavy trucks have a 40% weight reduction target based on the same safety and usability.

As a preliminary result of the project, experts analyzed that the composite carriages launched this time showcased the four major new innovations: First, a comprehensive composite material modeling, structural design, and stress analysis technology system was established to complete the 8.6-meter dump truck compounding. The structural design of the material compartment and the stress analysis data model under various complicated conditions have laid a solid theoretical foundation for the manufacturing of the carriage body. The second is the use of advanced composite material forming technology for the carriage panel veneer, and the introduction of the new material polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) for the first time, which uses its superior characteristics of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance to effectively improve the surface adhesion of the composite material. The performance of the layer broadens the application of new materials. The third is to fully tap the characteristics of carbon fiber composite materials. For the first time, the metal materials and carbon fiber composite materials were successfully used in a crack-free hybrid application. Fourth, according to the lightweight structural characteristics of trucks, it successfully produced continuous pultruded carbon fiber pultruded sections.

“Truck lightweighting is an integrated application of lightweight materials, lightweight structure design, and lightweight manufacturing technology. Among them, new materials play a major role in the lightweight process.” Cao Shoujun said that while further improving the project, the company will invest The development of lightweight vehicles such as semi-trailers and cement mixers has expanded the application of composite materials in the lightweight field of special vehicles.

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