China's auto parts companies are still talking about self-development early

For historical reasons, China's spare parts companies mostly rely on OEMs and foreign-invested companies. Their marketization level is low and their self-ability is poor.

The historical development of China's auto parts has gone through three stages: 1953-1978 was the initial stage, when the technology was low, only for trucks; 1978-1992 was the growth stage, with SAIC, FAW Group The start of the car began to support the production of spare parts for cars. At this time, the technical content began to increase. From 1992 to 2000, the national “Automobile Industry Policy” was issued and the expansion of private capital led to a significant increase in the localization rate of parts and components. From 2000 to the present, it is a period of rapid development. The output of automobiles is developing in a blow-out style, global procurement is targeting China, and the overall level of domestic parts and components is improving.

Shen Ningwu commented that China's parts and components industry is dependent on the main model and is attached to the main engine plant. It has developed from the local government's start to today. It is basically because of the car and because of the car. Not yet out of control and influence of the vehicle.

However, the foreign well-known parts and components group has increased its efforts in investing in China's parts and components industry, and has formed a system from development and research, training, to production and sales, and has begun to integrate enterprises investing in China according to the best division of labor and layout.

Delphi's business in North America was a mess, but it was a compliment in China. It has now invested more than US$500 million in China and owns a research and development center, a training center and 15 companies. Sales amounted to 1 billion U.S. dollars; another giant Bosch invested more than 600 million U.S. dollars in China and established 10 representative offices, 5 trading companies, and 18 companies in China with sales of 1.4 billion euros.

In addition, Visteon, Goodyear, Michelin, Aisin Seiko, and George Fischer have all stationed in China. In 2004, the new "Automotive Industry Policy" opened up to the proportion of foreign ownership, and it was even more surging. . At present, more than 70% of multinational component giants set up branches in China.

Before making great strides in the development of auto parts companies, they must first determine their own positioning.

He summed up the development orientation for three aspects: whether to take autonomous development, technology introduction or seeking joint ventures; market positioning: whether it is aimed at supporting the mainframe or targeting the aftermarket; role orientation: when it is a first-tier supplier, it will form a system supply, and the module supply The cargo capacity is still a supporting role when the secondary three-tier supplier gains profits. Shen Ningwu used his own pragmatic style and principles to run through the fields he was in charge of. “If I am strong enough to qualify to compete with my opponent, I’m just empty talk. More importantly, unrealistic ideas and practices will affect the overall situation and even the overall situation. Shen Ningwu believes that the most important goal of the parts and components companies at this stage is how to fight with powerful foreign companies and find their own way of survival in the process of localization.

“It is too early to talk about self-development. Compared with the whole vehicle, the parts and technology research and development are weak. This is the reality.” Shen Ning, who has been speaking at a very fast pace, said to the reporter that independent research and development is the ultimate goal, but now it is not. Too suitable, at present, China's parts and components companies must make accurate positioning. (Jia Yan)

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