Chen Guoxin: Unveiled the "mystery" of UHV live working technology

Chen Guoxin, male, 46 years old, member of the Communist Party of China, Fujian power supply company inspection and quarantine department deputy squad leader, high-voltage live overhaul workers, senior technicians, national technical experts, master of Fujian Province skills, enjoy the State Council special allowance.

Be brave in innovation and become a skilled expert in 39 national patents

Chen Guoxin practice the "knowledge of the fate of change, skills achievement life" philosophy. As a technical school graduate, he knew deeply that he had a low starting point and a thin foundation. He often used his spare time to learn technology from the teacher and learned from books. He often locked himself in the tool room and held a piece of paper against the tool A pondering, grasp the tool's performance, parameters. In a few short years, he mastered the operation technology of LiTa line, live working and so on. He has successively obtained the qualifications of senior engineer, technician and senior technician, and obtained the qualification of 500 kV UHV live working. He unveiled the "mystery" of UHV live working technology and became an expert in the live working of power systems.

In 2000, Xiamen first 500 kV UHV transmission line put into operation, if the traditional methods of live operation can not meet the current "power safety regulations" requirements. Chen Guoxin take the initiative to bite this piece of "hard bones", he took the research team read a lot of literature and constantly adjust the operating plan and risk assessment. After more than two months of repeated experiments and field simulation, he finally solved the technical problem of phase-to-phase operation of small towers and windows in the ZB tower of 500-kilovolt line. The relevant data of "Electrical Safety Working Procedures" was amended. "500 kV line ZB tower phase with live work test" by the Fujian provincial government science and technology progress prize two. The application of this result produced 34.5 million yuan of economic benefits. In more than 180 meters of cross-sea high-voltage towers to enhance the wire technology research project, he invented the "transmission line with 120kN work load effort screw" patent (access to the Eighth International Invention Exhibition Silver Award) to make tool lifting capacity from 5 Tons of tons to 12 tons, and only one person can operate one hand. The core part of the invention - the parallel gear set, stems from another of his patented power distribution equipment clamp bolt live fastening device. He invented the 220 kV large tower suspended insulator string charging method, 220 kV large tower suspension insulator string charged replacement device and a large span of the tower live working electric tools and other patents, to solve the domestic high-voltage live work Many technical problems.

Over the years, Chen Guo-Xin responsible for or mainly involved in more than 20 technical research, 5 won the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievement awards, 39 invention patents or utility model patents. Daring to be creative and pioneers, Chen Guoxin grew from an apprentice to an expert in production skills.

Be the best interpreter of "Craftsmanship"

High-voltage live work is a typical "bitter, dirty, tired, dangerous" work, in this post, Chen Guoxin a dry that is twenty years. The city's more than 1,000 kilometers of transmission lines, more than 5,000 high-voltage tower, from a nut to several kilometers of wire, from the ground to the sky, each time he carefully examined one by one, each on the tower, he will Take a camera with you, the photos taken into the tower line "electronic medical records." In tens of meters tall tower, he often stay for three or four hours.

110 kV more than the same line maintenance is troubling the domestic operation of live problems. Chen Guoxin accumulated over the years using the work experience, over and over again simulate the operation, came up with the jumper to push the jumper to expand the safe distance of the idea to overcome the technical difficulties, and ultimately make the 110 kV double-circuit tower with tower charging operations The safety distance has been increased by 60 cm so that line maintenance can be carried out without power failure. He has successively completed the research on the safety distance expansion method of crossbar earthing potential working, the dangling insulator string charging connecting device connected with the second connecting plate, the suspended insulator string live replacing device and the insulation limiter, etc. Achievements, to fill the gaps in the industry as the industry as a "pioneering China 110 kV line with the tower erection of a new chapter." The promotion and application of results can produce more than 20 million yuan of economic benefits each year. The birth of each result, rely on is his excellence, assiduously, never give up the "diamond" and "bend" strength.

From a person "run" to lead a group of people together "run"

Chen Guoxin in his own talent at the same time, also led the partners around with them. Since 2001, he has been the monitor of live classes, leading the class members to always strive to be the first line in the field of line maintenance while playing the role of "pass, help and bring". In his spare time, he compiled 57 courseware training courses, integrating innovative thinking, work experience and management methods, and strive to enhance the team's overall theoretical level and technical skills. He actively carried out mutual aid and mutual learning activities in which everyone is a teacher and all students are students and created the "Power Transmission Live Learning Team", "Chief Specialist and Outstanding Youth Twin" and "Master Apprentice Agreement". A variety of training methods, with old and new, strong and weak with impressive results. Over the past 15 years, many members of the squad have grown into "Youth League Players in Fujian Province", "Xiamen City Technical Experts" and "Xiamen May 1st Labor Medal". Four of them have joined the Communist Party of China honorably. The team has been awarded the honorary titles of "Fujian May 1st Labor Certificate of Merit", "National Youth Civilization", "National Youth Safety Production Demonstration Gang", "National Excellent Learning Team" and "Central Enterprises Learning Hongqi Team".

In 2012, Chen Guoxin Master of Skill was awarded the national master skills studio. Chen Guoxin devoted himself to making the studio a platform for innovation, learning and exchange. He created a "4N rule" and an innovative wisdom library that nurtured four achievements and regularly launched innovative ideas collection, assessment and research projects to continuously solve the problems of power grids Live working technical problems. He led the class members to keep trying, repeated experiments, invented the cable cut off live wire clip device tool, the scene installation time reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, the successful cracked the operation problem of live cut off lead wire; invented double split wire interval bar with electric installation Tools to effectively solve the problem of double split wire adhesion, eliminating potential safety problems, each operation can produce 220,000 yuan of economic benefits. He paired up with eight young staff members. He imparted his inexperienced work experience accumulated over the years to greatly enhance the skill level and creativity of the younger generation. In the past three years since the studio was founded, 17 innovative achievements have won the provincial power science and technology progress award, 1 person has become the leader of the power system, 4 have become the national talented persons of the power system, and 8 of the twinning members have obtained the qualification of senior technician, technician and senior technician .

As a new type of industrial worker who grew up with the SEZs' development, Chen Guoxin has always fought at the grassroots level for 24 years and dared to innovate. His work demonstrated that the employees of the power grid "strive to exceed the pursuit of excellence" and realize the value of life in their posts.