Changshu builds the largest auto parts market in East China

People's Daily, Beijing, September 1 reporter Tang Weihong reported: Changshu City, Jiangsu Province is actively building the largest auto parts market in East China with the highest grade and the most complete facilities. This reporter learned from the "Seminar on the International Auto Parts Market and New Sunan Model" recently held in Changshu. As one of the two major economic models in China, the “Southern Jiangsu model” has created a glorious history. So far, has the “South Jiangsu model” after the transformation brought about much economic benefits to the growth of the South Jiangsu economy? With the accelerating economic globalization, how should the South Jiangsu economy respond in order to continue its vitality? On August 28th, a group of famous domestic economists, auto giants and local government officials gathered in Changshu to discuss the current trend of the international auto parts market that is of concern and the new Sunan model.

Invited to attend the seminar were the president of the China Private Economy Research Association, the former deputy secretary-general of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the president of the Development Research Center of the State Council, the well-known economist Chen Huai, and vice president of the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission. Famous economist Chen Dongqi, director of the macroeconomic research department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yuan Gangming, a well-known economist, and Yan Lixin, secretary general of the National Automobile Fittings Market Federation. Participating experts believe that at present, the Chinese automobile industry has entered the fast lane. In 2003, China’s auto production will reach 4 million vehicles, surpassing France’s ranking as the world’s fourth-largest automobile producer. In the next five to ten years, China’s auto consumption will enter an “explosion period”, and the auto parts industry will become the fastest growing industry in the world. The production and sales of auto parts will increase substantially and the annual growth rate will reach 75 or more. There will be huge profit margins in the auto parts market. One of the major drawbacks of China's auto industry is that it attaches great importance to automobile companies, neglects the automobile industry, and neglects the development of auto parts industry and the market. It is particularly important and urgent to build an international auto parts trading market that matches the development of the local economy in Southern Jiangsu.

The seminar was hosted by Changshu International Auto Parts City. The Auto Parts City, which was jointly invested by three companies in Zhejiang and Shanghai, is a key construction project in Changshu City, and is also a key training project of the China Automobile Industry Association and the National Auto Parts Market Association. The entire Auto Parts City covers an area of ​​300 acres, with a planned total investment of 400 million yuan. Its goal is to build the East China Auto Parts World with the largest scale, highest grade and most complete facilities in East China within three years. The market function will cover the sales of automobiles, motorcycles, auto parts, auto decoration, maintenance, auto maintenance tools, and construction machinery vehicles.

The head of Changshu International Auto Parts City is Wu Yongchun, an entrepreneur from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Talking about the reasons for choosing Changshu, he said that Changshu is located on the Shanghai-Nanjing Economic Corridor, with Shanghai on the east, Suzhou on the south and Wuxi on the west. It is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta Automobile Industry Belt, and is not only one of the most obvious advantages of the national market. It is also one of the counties and cities with the largest market share; more importantly, it is one of the most economically developed regions in the country. So far, there is not a large-scale, multi-functional auto parts market. In accordance with the development goal of “based on Changshu, facing East China and serving the country”, he will meticulously create this East China Auto Parts World, making it a distribution center for world brand auto parts products. The window of making domestic auto parts products into the world.

At the meeting, experts attending the meeting, government officials, and people in the business community also had any connection between the automobile industry and the economy of South Jiangsu. How to bring into play the dual advantages of the Wenzhou model and the South Jiangsu model, and carried out in-depth discussions on issues such as creating the Changshu International Auto Parts City and other issues. It is reported that in the South of Jiangsu, it is the first time that enterprises hold such a high-level seminar.

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