Change the inner diameter of the fixing ring of the push-down gearbox structure

The wool felt with easy wear and deformation is changed to skeleton oil seal, type, inner diameter, outer diameter and width. The skeleton oil return spring is used to shrink the inner ring of the skeleton oil seal, so that the intermediate shaft can be transported freely. There is a gap.

Two skeleton oil seals are installed in each fixed ring, and a spacer is added between the two oil seals to relieve the oil from the outer skeleton oil seal. Lubricating oil is also an important factor affecting the leakage of the intermediate shaft. After repeated trials and trials, the original easy-flowing oil is changed to a severely stuck cylinder accident of an air compressor that occurs in the year of the second vulcanization. After the repair.

Firstly, the cause of the accident was dismantled, and it was concluded that the lower tubing of the main engine was broken, resulting in lack of oil in the body and sticking the cylinder. A mixture of hydrazine base and an engine oil with a high melting point and resistance to extrusion. Change the inner diameter of the fixing ring of the push-down gearbox structure from the original one, and the depth of the pressing ring boss is changed from the original. The fixing ring is fixed by the top wire of the original gearbox and is fixed to the side plate by the platen fixed platen. The lower end is bolted to the fixing ring to prevent the fixing ring from swaying.

A ring is added to the outer ring of the fixing ring to strengthen the sealing of the outer ring, and a vent hole is opened on the pushing gear box to maintain the pressure balance device inside and outside the gear box. Yang rotor female rotor air intake seat body exhaust seat large adjustment pad. Small adjustment pad lock nut bearing, the black part in the figure is the part of the car hole inlay. The operation rules strictly require the operator to abide by the safe operation rules of the excavator. The handover class performs a comprehensive inspection on the equipment and finds that the leak is tightened or repaired in time. And gradually improve the repair quality of the repair staff.

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