Centrifugal pump should be how to keep

① not yet installed on the unpainted pump surface should be coated with a suitable rust inhibitor, lubricated bearings should be filled with the appropriate oil, grease-lubricated bearings should be filled with only a grease, do not Use mixed grease. ② a short time pump clean liquid, flushing, suction lines, discharge lines, pump housing and impeller, side by side net pump housing, suction lines and discharge lines in the flushing fluid. ③ drain the oil bearing box, then add clean oil, thoroughly clean the grease and then fill the new grease. ④ The suction port and exhaust port sealed up, the pump stored in a clean, dry place, to protect the motor windings from damp, with anti-rust liquid and anti-cavitation spray pump housing inside. ⑤ pump shaft rotation once a month to avoid freezing, and lubrication of bearings.