BMW Audi also replaced the Chinese head of the German team in a fierce battle or kick-off

A new round of fierce fighting for the German luxury car in China may begin. On August 27, BMW and Audi announced the replacement of the head of China. The current incumbent general manager of Audi Japan, Mr. Bo Shi will replace Tang Mai, and will be the general manager of any Audi-VW Audi Sales Division. Xu Zhijun, Vice President of Sales of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. replaced Shi Kai as President of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division said on the 27th that Besshi will start working with Chinese Deputy Executive General Manager Zhang Xiaojun on September 1 to take charge of the sales of Audi brand domestic and imported cars in China.

Coincidentally, Audi’s competitor, BMW China’s top executives, also announced their coaching changes. BMW China introduced that Xu Zhijun was succeeded as the president of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., and succeeded Lu Yijun as the vice president of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. and was in charge of sales.

According to data held by reporters, in the German giants' competition, although the seats of the total sales volume in China in the first half of this year were ranked Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the ranking of imported cars was ranked by Mercedes in turn. , BMW and Audi.

According to BMW’s public information, 75,615 BMWs and I were delivered in mainland China in the first half of this year. To BMW's pressure, Mercedes-Benz sold 59,600 vehicles in the first half of the year in mainland China, of which domestic vehicles sold 13584 vehicles and imported vehicles accounted for more than 77%, reaching 46,016 vehicles. Once domestic Mercedes-Benz expands its production capacity, BMW cannot say that there is no worries.

Similarly, Audi is also worried that BMW will catch up with its leading position because BMW sold only 37,627 cars during the first half of last year and this year it has doubled to 75,615 vehicles compared to the same period of last year. If Audi relaxes slightly, it may be caught up. .

According to the coating characteristics

According to the characteristics of surface coated Steel Pipe can be divided into: Clarinet (not coated) and coating tube.

The coating pipe has galvanized pipe, aluminum, chrome plated tube, alumetized tubes and other alloy layer of steel pipe.

The coating pipe is coated with an outer coating pipe, an inner coating pipe, an inner and an outer coating pipe. Commonly used coatings are plastic, epoxy, coal tar epoxy resin as well as a variety of glass type of anti-corrosion coating materials. Galvanized pipe is divided into KBG pipe, JDG pipe, screw pipe, etc.

Photo of our steel pipe:

steel pipe


1 pipe for pipe. Such as: water, gas pipe, seamless pipe, the use of steam pipelines, oil pipelines, oil and gas pipelines. Irrigation water tap with pipe and spray irrigation pipe, etc..

2 pipe for thermal engineering equipment. Such as boiling water boiler pipe, a super heated steam tube, locomotive boiler super heater tube, opium pipe, small smoke tube, arch brick tube and the high temperature and high pressure boiler tube.

3 pipe for machinery industry. Such as aviation structure tube (round tube, oval tube, flat and oval tubes), automobile semi axle tube and axle tube, automobile and tractor structure tube, tractor oil cooler tube, Agricultural Machinery with square tube with rectangular tubes, transformer tube as well as bearing tube etc..

4 pipe for petroleum geological drilling. Such as oil drilling pipe, drill pipe (Kelly and hexagonal drill), drilling, oil pipe, petroleum casing pipe and all kinds of pipe joints, geological drilling pipe (tube core, casing, active drill pipe, drilling very, according to the hoop and a pin connected first).

5 tubes for chemical industry. Such as: oil cracking pipe, chemical equipment, heat exchange, and pipe with pipe, stainless acid resistant pipe, chemical fertilizer with high pressure pipe and the transportation of chemical medium pipe, etc..

6 other departments to use the tube. Such as: containers with tubes (high pressure gas cylinders with the general container pipe), instrumentation, watches, shell tubes, injection needles and medical equipment, etc..


Sectional shape

Steel and steel products specifications is very wide, its performance requirements are various. All of these should be distinguished with changes in user requirements or working conditions. In general, the steel tube products are classified according to the shape of the section, the production method, the pipe material, the connection method, the coating characteristics and the application.

According to the pipe cross-sectional shape can be divided into: steel pipe and profiled steel pipe.

Shaped steel pipe is a kind of non circular section of the steel pipe. Including: square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, flat oval tube, half pipe, hexagonal tube, hexagonal circular tube, equilateral hexagonal tube, tube of equilateral triangle, Pentagon plum tube, octagonal tube. A convex shaped tube, double convex tube. Biconcave shaped pipe, tube, oval - shaped tube, flat tube, tube diamond shaped, star shaped tube and parallelogram pipes, ribbed tube, drop shaped tube, internally finned tube, twisting reducing pipe, B type tube, D type tube and multilayer tube concave shape.

According to the shape of the steel pipe, it is divided into: equal section steel tube and steel tube with variable cross-section. Variable section (or variable section) steel pipe is a steel tube with periodic or non periodic changes in the shape of the cross section, inside and outside diameter and wall thickness. The main: external conical tube, conical inner tube, outer stepped tube, in the step tube, cycle section pipe, corrugated pipe, Spiral Pipe, finned tube and double barrel.

Steel Pipe

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