Black Petroleum Institute Press Conference

On June 5th, the 13th rotating equipment paper conference of the Petrochemical Machinery Branch of Heilongjiang Petroleum Institute was held at Daqing Petrochemical Company.

The conference received a total of 88 papers. Finally, the jury determined that 10 papers covering technical application and transformation, localization of equipment, etc. were published on the site, and 2 first-class award papers, 2 second-award papers, and 3 third-award papers were selected. 13 papers. Daqing Petrochemical Company selected the "practical rotating equipment monitoring and diagnostic auxiliary maintenance system", "imported compressor partition domestic transformation" two papers won the first prize.

Return oil filters


The return oil filters are located on the return pipeline of the system, the function is to capture the contaminants produced or intruded in the system before returning to the tank. So it's the most effective and important filter for controlling the concentration of pollution in the system.

The return Oil Filter is mainly installed on the return pipe road of the hydraulic system. Various kinds of dirt such as abrasive particles produced by various hydraulic components in the working process can be intercepted by setting the oil filter of the return oil pipeline to avoid returning to the fuel tank again. Inhaled again by a hydraulic pump. The allowable pressure difference of the oil filter in the return pipeline is 0.3 ~ 0.5mpa. according to the different pressure level. The accuracy is determined according to the requirement of oil contamination.


The material of the filter elements are the chemical fiber, filter paper, wire mesh  and line-gap types. The chemical fiber filter is more effective than paper filter, and the precision is high. It is difficult to clean the chemical fiber filter and paper filter element after blocking, so it is necessary to replace the filter element. The return oil filter is equipped with a differential pressure signaling device. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter due to the clogging of the filter element is up to 0.35mpa, the switch signal should be issued, and the filter element should be cleaned or replaced at this time. The filter core adopts a new type of 

chemical fiber Filter Material, which has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, large oil flow capacity, low original pressure loss, large amount of sewage absorption and so on. The filter accuracy is calibrated with absolute filtration accuracy. The filtration ratio 3, 5, 10, 20 > 100, the filtration efficiency ≥ 99 ~ (99), is in accordance with the ISO standard.

The return oil filters types:

XNL series box return filter

QYL series oil return filter

YLH series oil return filter

RF series direct return oil filter

RFA series micro direct return oil return filter

HU series oil return filter

SZU-A, SQU-A, SWA-A and SXU-A series: double cylinder oil return filter

SRLF series: double cylinder return pipeline filter

 SRFB series: double cylinder straight return oil return filter

 SRFA series: double cylinder micro straight return oil return filter

SDRLF series large flow double cylinder oil return filter Filter

 LXZS series: self-sealing magnetic oil filter

 RFB series : direct self-sealing magnetic return filter

CHL series:  self-sealing magnetic return filter

GP wy series:  magnetic return filter 

return filterReturn line filter

Rutern Filters

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