· BAIC's "Year-period Examination" is more than 100% year-on-year growth

In the summer of July, the quotation of the “high school entrance examination” in the domestic auto market was freshly released. According to data from the China Automobile Association, the cumulative sales of China's auto market in the first six months of this year was 11.638 million units, an increase of 8.36% year-on-year; among them, the sales volume of passenger cars was 9,633,800, an increase of 11.18% year-on-year.
In the overall bleak environment of the independent brand market, the rising star Beijing Auto has staged a “big battle” with sustained and steady high-speed growth. In the first half of 2014, Beijing Automobile sold a total of 150,146 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 118%. Among them, passenger cars sold 56,838 vehicles, an increase of 191% year-on-year; micro-car sales totaled 93,308 vehicles, an increase of 89%. What is more worth mentioning is that Beijing Auto's total sales volume in the first half of 2014 ranked among the top ten of all independent brand auto companies. For a car company that has only entered the market for three years, “Beijing Auto Speed” has been redefined.
“Independent brands are facing pressure from joint venture brand prices, channel sinking, local restrictions on purchases, implementation of national V emission standards, etc., and the living space is becoming increasingly narrow. The reason why Beijing Auto can rise against the trend and rank in the top ten in its own sales in three years. The reason is that the company continues to introduce new products on the basis of adhering to the core technology of Saab, and the market segments in which each product line is located are outstanding; on the other hand, we strictly control the quality system and the quality of the products. Strict requirements. "Liang Guofeng, vice president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. said.
Holding Saab Technology to Build an Independent Innovation System The biggest weakness of self-owned brands is “lack of technology”. Reviewing the history of China's auto brand development, from the imitation of the "1.0 era" to the "2.0 era" relying on the introduction of foreign technology, and then to the "3.0 era" with luxury brand technology to create a mid- to high-end vehicle platform, a "technical anemia" The “road map” for “technical blood transfusion” and then “technical hematopoiesis” is clearly visible. In terms of self-owned brands, BAIC, which started late, created a new development model of “technical hematopoiesis” by acquiring SAAB core intellectual property know-how, digesting and re-innovating, and leading the Chinese auto industry to achieve technological breakthroughs. .
In December 2009, BAIC earned SAAB's core intellectual property rights for US$200 million, including not only three vehicle platforms, two series of turbocharged engines and two gearboxes, but also SAAB's most important intellectual property, Know- How. By digesting and absorbing SAAB technology, Beijing Automotive has built a mid- to high-end sedan platform “M-trix”. As we all know, today's auto market competition is the embodiment of the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole system, and advanced development platforms and systems are the basis of independent innovation. As the first platform of its own brand that truly has European luxury car technology, the advent of the “M-trix” platform marks that its own brand has begun to break through the development bottleneck, and has won the R&D and manufacturing system of the mid- to high-end models in the world. A set of value standards and evaluation systems have been established in many aspects such as spare parts support and post-market services.
In the past few years, Beijing Auto has gradually formed the core competitiveness of the full value chain from product definition, product development, parts procurement, manufacturing to sales service, and truly got rid of the development of the old-style independent brand “lack of technology, low quality of products”. The infinite loop has opened a new era of independent development.
Strictly control product quality to closely meet consumer demand Liang Guofeng, vice president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. believes: "The reason why Beijing Auto came to the forefront and quickly became a leader in the industry, an important reason is the strict control of product quality, which has won consumers Good reputation." Therefore, before the launch of the product, Beijing Auto invested a lot of manpower and resources to carry out preliminary research and analysis, as well as continuous improvement of process quality. Xu Heyi, the chairman of BAIC Group, clearly expressed himself by "tight burning, slow drying pot". Pay attention to the front-end work of the product.
In the choice of parts suppliers, Beijing Auto also pursues the pursuit of quality. Taking the Sic Bo D70 as an example, more than 80% of its components are suppliers of Saab original and international brands. Leading international suppliers such as Bosch, Michelin, ZF, and Lear are the preferred targets of Beijing Auto. In addition, Beijing Automotive pays more attention to the improvement of the quality management system to ensure the quality of parts supplied in batches.
Liang Guofeng said: "The ultimate success of a brand and a car is first and foremost our own strict requirements. As long as we have strict requirements on quality, we believe that customers can finally recognize the quality of this product and recognize the value of this product brand. Ultimately, product quality itself should have greater appeal to win our customers."
Four-line parallel breakthrough year-on-year growth rate of over 100%
According to Liang Guofeng, after three years of development, Beijing Auto has now formed four product lines covering mid- to high-end cars, economic cars, off-road vehicles and micro-cars. Each product line has developed in parallel, each performing its duties: the main high-end car Responsible for the tree brand, helping BAIC to attack the high-end camp independently; the economical car E series is responsible for pulling sales and increasing market share; Beijing 40 occupyes the hard-selling SUV market segment and revitalizes the off-road family; Weiwang concentrates on the micro-car field and broadens Product sales.
In the mid-to-high-end sedan market, Beiqi Sic Bo has become the benchmark for its own brand B-class and A-class car market based on SAAB technology. In May of last year, the first product of the Sic Bo family, the Sic Bo D70, won the title of “Performance King” with excellent performance, rich configuration and top-level control, and successfully smashed the price ceiling of its own brand of 150,000 yuan. Sit firmly on the 150,000 independent B-class front. This year, the second product "Nordic Control" Sic Bo D50 struck, with four advantages of "precision control, comprehensive safety, aviation design, economic efficiency", won the wide favor of home users after the 80s, sales have also triumphed all the way. In June, the Sic Bo D50 sold 3,284 units, and the cumulative sales volume exceeded 8,000 units in less than three months. It stood firm in the most competitive A-class family sedan market. As a result, the Sic Bo family consisting of Sic Bo D70 and D50 successfully spurred the Chinese market with performance, and the Volvo brand, also derived from Northern Europe, formed the Nordic department of the Chinese auto market, bringing a fresh “Northern European style” to the market. ".
In the field of economic cars, although the growth rate of A0 cars has been less than 1% this year, far slower than the growth of the market, Beijing Auto E series has always maintained high morale, and sales data has been repeatedly refreshed. Since the beginning of this year, the E-series sales volume has been around 8,000 units per month, with a cumulative sales volume of 41,741 units in the first half of the year, an increase of 131% year-on-year. In Beijing, Anyang, Zhuzhou, Qujing and other cities ranked first in the A0-class family car sales, firmly occupying the auto A0 class car sales champion. With its young and stylish appearance, mature and reliable quality, and rich and intelligent configuration, the E-series has won the reputation of “value-for-money car king” among consumers, and formed a direct confrontation with joint venture models such as Sail and Rena.
In the field of off-road vehicles, as a return to the off-road family, Beijing 40 also entered the sales boom this year, with a monthly sales of 1,628 units in June. Prior to Beijing 40, the domestic auto market had few hard-moving off-road vehicles, low sales, and was outside the mainstream market. Beijing Auto accurately locates the characteristics of cross-country hobbies, seizes the opportunity of the rise of the domestic off-road market and the prevalence of self-driving culture, and strongly builds the unique brand connotation and product personality of Beijing 40, occupying 15-25 million fashion hardcore off-road market vacancies. With the style of hard-core personality, super-passivity, ever-changing space and military-grade durable quality, Beijing 40 has won the reputation of “Oriental Wrangler” in the automobile market, and its sales have also been reported.
In the micro-car field, Beiqi Weiwang has launched 306, 307, 205, 206, M20 and other products, covering short-axis, long-axis, ultra-long wheelbase, compact MPV and other market segments. Since the beginning of this year, Beiqi Weiwang has maintained a sales volume of 17,000 units per month, successfully occupying the “four strong” seats in the micro-car market, and has issued a strong challenge to the traditional “master” of the micro-car market, SAIC-GM-Wuling and Changan.
While doing well in existing products and revitalizing market sales, Beijing Automotive is also working to further expand its product lineup. In the second half of the year, the new sports car based on the Saab 9-3 technology platform, the Sic Bo D60, will also be born. This model will become the most powerful manifester of Saab's ultimate performance, further strengthening the “performance” gene of the Sic Bo brand. With the launch of new models and the arrival of traditional sales season, Beijing Auto will see a new high in the second half.
“The market is the touchstone for testing products, providing products that are more in line with consumer demand than competitors. It is the reason to win the market. Beijing Auto continues to enrich its product line, taking quality as the guide, quality as its life, and making products in a solid manner. , tree reputation, and thus win the market cake that belongs to us." Liang Guofeng said.

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