August output 1760 units of Shanghai Diesel's light diesel engine to reach a new high

Since light diesel engine of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. was put into production, it has won a good reputation in the market with its excellent quality, and it has also become one of the selling points of its main product, SAIC Datong Commercial Vehicle. Since the second half of 2014, the company has actively responded to the “Autumn Offensive” call for SAIC commercial vehicles to increase its production. The light diesel engine production plant of the No. 2 Engine Plant has overcome bottlenecks and optimized processes. The output reached 1,760 units in August and reached a record high.

Since July 2013, the company's light diesel engine production has always been operating at a high level of 1,500 units. The No. 2 engine plant has “climb peaks and fill valleys” for bottlenecks and strives to increase production efficiency. For example, the OP1170R was previously assembled with components such as the longitudinal engine EGR system and took 14 minutes. Now it is split, and the entire EGR system is “split, assembled, and fastened” to distribute the work of the OP1170R to the OP1150 and OP1180. The original post time was quickly reduced to 7 minutes, a drop of 50%. In addition, by reducing walking, turning and other small measures, the horizontal engine JPH production capacity increased from 6 to 8, the line balance rate increased from 80% to 90%; vertical engine JPH increased from 4 to 7, the line balance rate is also From 62% to 85%.

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