Application of pest quarantine toolbox in quarantine survey of rice

In recent years, with the expansion of the scale of rice cultivation and the influence of the complex climate and environment outside the country, rice production has suffered from various challenges, among which the threat of diseases and insect pests is serious. The frequent occurrence of rice diseases and pests will not only seriously impair rice yield, but also cause a lot of trouble for rice growers, and they will suffer serious economic losses. Therefore, in order to improve the control effect of rice pests and diseases, it is required to effectively monitor the occurrence and development of rice pests during the rice production process, and use the pest quarantine toolbox to carry out census work of rice quarantine pests, which can greatly improve the work effect. To understand the occurrence of rice quarantine pests and provide scientific basis for timely and effective scientific control.

Pest Quarantine Toolbox

The pest and quarantine toolbox is an important tool for the current agricultural and forestry departments to carry out quarantine pest surveys. With this tool, the staff can go deep into the field and use the tools in the toolbox to better prevent the occurrence of rice quarantine pests. Investigation of the situation. To keep abreast of the occurrence of rice pests and provide basic data for the removal of the disease.

In general, quarantine pests have strong adaptability and great harm, and they are difficult to cure once they occur. Therefore, for the prevention and control of quarantine pests in rice, it is often necessary to plan ahead and attach great importance to forecasting and prevention. Therefore, the investigation of quarantine pests in rice is very important. In the past, there was no pest and quarantine toolbox, and field surveys of pests and diseases often led to the lack of tools. This created a lot of difficulties for the development of the work and delayed the progress of pest investigations. Now, through the application of the pest quarantine toolbox in the quarantine survey of rice, the staff can better control the quarantine pests and diseases in rice, complete the census work as required, and continuously monitor rice. Safe and secure escort.

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