Application of Far Infrared Imaging Technology in Zouxian Power Plant

Far infrared thermal imager is the use of modern high-tech means to run the equipment for non-contact detection of a device. Using a far-infrared thermal imager, thermal images of electrical equipment, valves, insulation, motors, bearings, and any device in the detector's temperature range are available. The range of applications of far-infrared thermal imager for power plant scanning mainly includes boiler heat insulation part, steam pipe, hot air duct, dust collector flue, coal conveying belt, valve, motor control center, electric control panel, transformer, booster station equipment , Circuit boards, cable connectors and so on. 1 Far Infrared Thermal Imager in Power Plant In 2000 Zouxian Power Plant used far infrared thermal imager and found a lot of equipment defects, avoiding many equipment accidents and reducing the loss of millions. The role played by this instrument in the condition maintenance work is the most obvious and successful since the condition maintenance was carried out. Found that the type of equipment defects are: high-voltage equipment joints fever, eddy current loss of the transformer box, the boiler steam turbine issues, valve insulation, high-voltage motor lead heating, terminal row terminal fever, circuit board fever, cable nose fever. In addition, the application of the thermal imager solves the problems of zero-checking high-voltage insulators, on-line detection of arresters and indirect detection of internal contacts of switches. Here are some typical application examples. 1.1 Boiler Applications The third phase 5 furnace put into operation, 5B on the bearing leakage of ash, serious heat leakage. In June 2000, before the 5th furnace was repaired, the far-infrared thermal imager was used to check the air leakage from multiple angles and make a detailed record to find the exact leak point. After the repair, the upper bearing temperature dropped from 80 ℃ to 47 ℃ , To solve the remaining problems that exist for several years. 1.2 High Voltage Motor Lead Application The far infrared thermal imager is used to test the temperature of the three-phase cable and junction box outside the motor junction box regularly to reduce the overheating accident of the motor connector to a minimum. For example, if the temperature of the cable outside the junction box of No.1 furnace plate row reaches over 130 ℃, a major accident is avoided due to timely detection and timely maintenance of power outage. 1.3 High-voltage equipment, electrical connectors in the application of regular use of far-infrared thermal imager testing of all high-voltage electrical equipment, timely detection and elimination of equipment hidden dangers to avoid the occurrence of anomalies, the state switch for the implementation of a strong basis. 1.4 Terminal Block, Circuit Board Applications Regular inspection of terminal blocks and circuit boards with far-infrared thermal imager can detect potential problems in time and avoid tripping accidents due to overheating of terminal block terminals and damage of many important circuit boards and tripping of equipment. 1.5 Transformer Applications The use of far-infrared thermal imager found that the upper and lower section of the transformer fuel tank connection bolts fever defects, the individual bolt temperature has reached 120 ℃ above, a serious threat to the safe operation of the transformer. The eddy current loss due to leakage flux, caused by the bolt heating defects are usually difficult to find. 1.6 low voltage electrical equipment applications found a large number of low voltage electrical equipment connector overheating, busbar connector overheating knife overheating, overheating vents, ground wire overheating and other defects. If a ground bolt of 400 V is found, it is seriously overheated (130 ° C) because the grounded flat iron is not properly connected to the ground network. And such defects are usually difficult to find, but also easy to cause personal injury. 1.7 Application of Cable Ties The intermediate connectors of cables are numbered and regularly monitored and analyzed by far-infrared thermal imagers to eliminate the potential of cable glands in the bud, so that no overheating of the cable intermediate connectors occurs any more. 1.8 Insulation Applications With far-infrared thermal imaging technology can detect large areas of the weaknesses of insulation, overhaul can only remove the weak insulation, both to solve the problem, but also save a lot of costs. 1.9 The application of valve leakage As long as there is a certain difference between the media and the ambient temperature in the pipe, the infrared detection and analysis of the valve can be performed by the far infrared thermal imager to confirm the degree of leakage of the valve and the internal leakage. However, due to the valve, pipe insulation, metal, to analyze the extent and causes of internal leakage has caused some difficulties. If the valve, the pipe is not insulated, the valve is easy to determine the internal leakage. In particular, many of the pipe valve to the manifold is difficult to determine which valve leak, the use of far infrared thermal imager can quickly detect the leakage of the valve and replaced, to avoid the blindness of the work, saving costs. 1.10 Other applications can be diode, plug-in board, motor bearings, cable intermediate connector, generator brush applications. 2 topics to explore Far-infrared thermal imaging camera applications Although the Zouxian power plant has been very extensive, but in the following aspects of the application needs to continue to explore. Condenser leak detection Condenser pipe leakage is very common in power plants, the general approach is to take the shutdown half of the condenser, with a film or bubble and other traditional leak detection methods. In theory, far infrared thermal imaging technology can be used for condenser tube leak detection. When the water chamber is open, the leaking pipe sucks into the outside cold air, so its temperature is lower than for other tubes. A cold spot on the thermogram of the tube sheet will reveal the leaked tube. 2.2 Boiler water wall tube blockage check Boiler water wall chemical cleaning, its infrared thermography scan, because the hot cleaning fluid can not flow through the plugged pipe, the thermal image shows the blocked pipe temperature is not blocked The tube temperature is low. This will initially detect the blockage of the pipe and the specific blockage (blockage at the top and bottom of the temperature there is a clear point of demarcation). 2.3 500 kV high-voltage insulator zero-point far-infrared imaging technology, high-voltage insulator zero possible, is now actively exploring. In addition, the British infrared thermal imager is also used in biological and medical research, disaster prevention and control, traffic monitoring, coastal defense monitoring, surface volcano dynamic observation, management and production process monitoring. If necessary, please contact Wuhan Lelouch Electric Co., Ltd.