Anguang has made new progress in improving the output spectral signal of the off-axis integral cavity

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development] Recently, the research team of Anguang Institute Gao Xiaoming has made new research progress in the use of RF white noise to actively suppress the residual cavity mode noise of the off-axis integral cavity output spectrum. The relevant research results are Enhanced off-axis integrated cavity output. The spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) with radio frequency white noise for gas sensing was published in the international academic journal Optics Express.
Coaxial cavity mode under different noise disturbance conditions
The off-axis integral cavity output spectroscopy technique obtains an enhanced absorption signal by directing the beam off-axis to a high-precision optical cavity. The residual cavity mode has always been a major noise source that limits sensitivity, and the development of a high-accuracy, high-sensitivity integration cavity Spectrometry instruments present certain difficulties. The research team Wang Jingjing and others carried out related research work. By actively injecting radio frequency (RF) white noise into the laser, the residual cavity mode noise of the integrated cavity was effectively suppressed, and good research results were obtained, and the signal-to-noise ratio was increased by 3 times. The above improves the detection performance of the system.
Off-axis cavity mode under different noise disturbance conditions
This research result has important application value for further development of compact and portable high-sensitivity, high-precision in-situ trace gas analysis instruments. The research results have been applied to in situ on-line measurement of dissolved methane in deep sea.
The research work has been supported by projects such as national key research and development programs.

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