Analysis of three major categories of automotive lamp modification

The modification of the headlights has always been a topic of popularity in the conversion industry. The modified lights are nothing more than three points: to see the clear road, improve the safety of driving at night, reduce the difficulty of driving at night; increase the life of the lights, reduce the occurrence of lights failure; make the car more cool and more personalized, Different. I think most of the modified riders' hearts still pay special attention to the third point.

The conversion of the lights is also divided into three levels:

Primary modification: white halogen bulbs and high-power halogen bulbs modification costs: 60 yuan -300 yuan conversion effect: not obvious

Intermediate modification: Charged light increase light bulb conversion costs: 300 yuan -800 yuan conversion effect: General

Top modification: hid xenon lamp modification cost: 2000 yuan -10000 yuan conversion effect: excellent

There are three main conversion parts of the modified xenon lamp:

Replace halogen bulbs with xenon bulbs

Advantages: Since the market has already introduced xenon bulbs for H7, H4, H3, H1, HB3, HB4 and other halogen bulbs, almost all models can be applied.

Disadvantages: On the one hand, because the size and size of the xenon bulb and the original halogen bulb are not the same, the light emitting part must deviate from the focus position, so that the vehicle lamp will not be concentrated, there is no correct high beam function and other serious negative effects, even It will lead to a hundredfold increase in the odds of blinding the car. On the other hand, due to the change of the original car circuit, once the product quality problems occur, it is likely to cause a short circuit and fire.

Replace headlight assembly

Advantages: This conversion method mainly uses the original xenon headlights, that is, the xenon light source cooperates with the specially designed light distribution mirrors and mirrors, and thus becomes an ideal conversion method.

Disadvantages: expensive.

Install helium auxiliary lights on the front or roof

Advantages: This kind of modification is relatively flexible. Users can select suitable products according to the shape of the front of the vehicle and their own preferences, choose a reasonable installation position to install, and meet the individual needs. The Xenon auxiliary lamp is mainly based on high beam, and the outside diameter is generally as small as 80 to 90 mm and as large as 200 mm, which is suitable for different models such as trucks, off-road vehicles and cars.

Disadvantages: For the vehicle front bumper and grille have a certain size requirements, need to be carefully measured and then be modified.

Many riders blindly pursued coolness and personality, and did not make mistakes in the conversion. In fact, the headlights are not as bright as possible.

It is mistaken for the lighter bulb to be as good as possible, so the lights are modified. Specifically there are two ways: increase the original car light bulb power and modified Xenon headlights. However, these methods also have hidden dangers to varying degrees.

As the number of wattages of the lamp increases, the current and heat increase exponentially, which can easily lead to aging of the lamp and accelerated melting of the lamp head. It also imposes an excessive burden on the generator, fuse, and battery. Many self-ignition vehicles are caused by the increased power conversion. Therefore, basically lighting experts do not recommend that you use this method to brighten the lights. Currently, there is an upgraded halogen light bulb with normal power (55W-60W) on the market, such as Philips Extreme Light and Night Aurora Light, which are high-intensity light bulbs produced through high-tech processes without changing the power. It is worth noting that another advantage of these bulbs is that they fully comply with national laws and regulations and will not create obstacles for the other party.

Xenon headlight conversion also has hidden dangers. The Xenon lamp is just a collective name, because the market from the price of 1,500 yuan domestically produced million yuan to import HID called xenon lamp, but the quality varies greatly, and even some domestic xenon lamp looks like a xenon headlight, but the non-orthodox high voltage discharge light source, plus The low-cost high-voltage packages and modified cable sets greatly damage the original lamps and electrical systems. In addition, due to the high intensity of the Xenon lamps, high-brightness scattered light may easily cause traffic accidents. Therefore, for owners with high brightness requirements, it is generally advisable to use an upgraded halogen bulb or a brand-branded xenon headlamp combination kit with guaranteed quality.

In addition, taking into account that many young people like white light, but suffer from the unacceptable price of the regular brand Xenon headlamps, many international brands have launched white-light-upgrade halogen bulbs especially in the Chinese market. These products and vehicles are equipped with ordinary halogen headlights. Compared to them, the color, brightness and life are greatly improved, and the price is far lower than the xenon headlights, such as many owners of blue diamond light and silver warriors to upgrade the halogen headlights, compared to its 4200K xenon headlamps More than 80% cheaper, affordable, yet elegant, thus becoming the new darling of young car owners.

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