Analysis of the Development Status of Laboratory Instrument Industry

Analysis of the Development Status of Laboratory Instrument Industry At present, there are nearly 700 major enterprises in the laboratory instrument industry. The annual production value of major companies is nearly RMB 6 billion in 2010. Some of these products have reached or reached world advanced level. The quality is stable. A few high-end instruments have reached the international advanced level and they have independent intellectual property rights. , Has entered the European, America, Africa, Southeast Asia market, has made gratifying achievements, the annual export amounted to 1 billion yuan. However, we must see that for a long time, well-known instrument companies from abroad have taken advantage of technology and brand advantages to occupy a large part of the domestic market. The annual import value is about 3.2 billion yuan, and it is a long way to go to develop our laboratory instruments.

The National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" pointed out that cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries is of great significance in promoting the upgrading of industrial structure and accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode. It is necessary to regard the breakthrough of a group of key common technologies that support the development of strategic emerging industries as the development of science and technology. Priority tasks.

(1) Market potential of laboratory instruments: The annual demand is about 32 billion, which has a great market demand. At present, the project has been listed as a national key support and development project.

(2) Opportunities for autonomy of food safety equipment:

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the state must focus on building food safety monitoring capabilities. 1) According to the relevant systems and plans, China's agriculture, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, food and drug supervision and management, food, and health systems have initially formed a systematic four-level (national, provincial, prefecture-level and county-level) food safety inspection ( Monitoring system. 2) The number of first-tier institutions is about 2608, and the setting of county-level institutions has not yet been determined. 3) There is a large gap in the establishment of food inspection agencies at the county level, and the allocation is incomplete. 4) Capacity-building issues such as lack of grass-roots and first-line rapid detection capabilities need to be solved urgently, and a large number of food safety inspection instruments need to be supplemented and updated. 5) The demand of more than several hundred thousand domestic food processing companies and testing organizations in China constitutes a continuing strong and stable market demand for food safety testing instruments in China. 6) It is expected that the demand for equipment during the "12th Five-Year Plan" will exceed 40 billion yuan.

(3) Opportunities for medical and health equipment:

1) 163 primary medical equipments should be provided in basic medical units, about 68% of which are laboratory instruments, analytical instruments and optical instruments, of which about 50% are professional products of laboratory branches. 2) During the 12th Five-year Plan period, the country plans to build 100 state-level disease control centers, 200 provincial CDCs, and 300 prefecture-level CDCs. 3) There are nearly 20,000 primary health care facilities in China that urgently need to improve and deploy technical equipment. The country will allocate 96 billion yuan for the purchase of medical instruments within 3 years (a total of 20.5 billion yuan has been allocated). It will take 15 to 20 years to completely change the backwardness of the technical equipment of our grass-roots units.

(4) The laboratory instrument industry should pay attention to the development of complete sets of instrument and equipment, better serve the users, and improve the technical cooperation level of the industry.

(5) The special needs of new technologies and related fields provide greater room for the development of the laboratory instrument industry.

(6) With the development of China's science and technology and the establishment of high-tech industries, it will provide powerful technical support for the development of high-end instruments and equipment in the laboratory instrument industry, so as to achieve product upgrading, and to win greater market and development space for laboratory instruments.

Due to the large number of laboratory instruments, large numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises, and fierce market competition, it is necessary to establish modern laboratory instruments, application technologies and complete technology bases in China, which will greatly promote the overall development of the laboratory instrument industry in China and catch up as soon as possible. And reach the world advanced level.

Last year was the opening year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". In the new historical stage, laboratory instruments should increase the intensity of technological innovation, import and digest foreign advanced and independent innovations, realize product upgrading, and strive to explore the principle of originality. Innovation accelerates the digitization, intelligence, and networking of the instrument. The scientific concept of development has been thoroughly implemented in each major of laboratory instruments, and the country has carefully implemented the strategic planning for the development of our country's scientific instruments and forged ahead. Let us take the revitalization of the instrumentation industry as our own task, and make unremitting efforts in our respective work positions. China's instrumentation industry will surely rejuvenate and take the lead in the world.

"12th Five-Year Plan" Market Analysis of China's Laboratory Equipment 1) Electronic Balance: China's electronic balance attaches importance to the development of 1mg ~ 0.1mg readings of high-precision electronic balance technology to improve the quality of balance in terms of temperature compensation, time drift and indication repeatability error Level. The use of special equipment for integrated level of ICs and assembly processes effectively reduces human error factors and thus improves the technical level of China's electronic balance. China's large-scale electromagnetic technology has achieved great success through independent innovation. Electronic balances are During the "V" period, breakthroughs will be made and more space for development will be won.

2) Laboratory centrifuge: At present, China's centrifuge professional has become an important professional laboratory instrument, there are more than 110 manufacturers have developed their products to 4 series more than 50 varieties, widely used in medical, blood stations, universities, research Units, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agriculture and animal husbandry, new materials, petroleum, food, environmental protection, genetic engineering, and many other fields, middle and low-end centrifuges can not only meet the needs of domestic production, but also export to all parts of the world, high-end centrifuges It refers to 40,000 to 50000 r/min. As long as the various types of centrifuges further improve the control technology, safety protection technology, temperature control technology, rotor manufacturing technology, we can achieve mass production of high-end centrifuges in the near future, so that the laboratory centrifuges have reached the world's advanced level.

3) Thermal analysis instruments: The development of thermal analysis instruments in China has been 35 years old. At present, there are few types of thermal analysis instruments in China, and the level of comprehensive thermal analysis technologies is not high. In the future, the focus should be on the research and development of integrated thermal analysis technologies, focusing on the introduction of New foreign thermal analysis instrument manufacturing technology to promote the development of thermal analysis instrument in China.

In thermal analysis instruments, calorific value analysis is the fastest growing sub-professional. With the development of the coal industry and the energy industry in China, the rapid development of calorific value analysis is promoted. Most of the products have reached and approached the world's advanced level. Future calorific value analysis technology Special emphasis should be placed on the development of the fields and the development of comprehensive testing techniques.

4) Environmental laboratory equipment: Environmental testing equipment is the largest professional laboratory instrument, there are more than 100 production companies, large-scale laboratory equipment companies are concentrated in this profession, of which 6 to 7 companies with output value of 100 million or more, Production of necessary environmental testing equipment for China's national defense, aerospace, transportation, industry, agriculture, science, and medical and health sectors. The future of environmental equipment should further strengthen market development: strengthening the development of test chambers for special requirements; developing test chambers for medical and health needs , incubator; pay attention to the establishment of brand-name products in the industry. The market prospects for environmental laboratory equipment are very promising.

5) Electrophoresis apparatus: Domestic electrophoresis apparatus is a professional to be developed in laboratory instruments. At present, the electrophoresis instrument manufacturers in China attach great importance to the international advanced level. Most instrumental levels are close to the advanced level in foreign countries. The electrophoresis instrument market still needs further development. Most of the high-end instruments in electrophoresis products still rely on imports.

Pay attention to the combination of scientific research departments and colleges and universities, and strive to open up high-grade electrophoresis instrument; further improve the electrophoresis apparatus required by primary medical units; and strengthen the application of new technologies and new materials. The development of electrophoresis in our country still has a long way to go.

6) Strain and vibration test equipment: China's strain and vibration test equipment has more than 50 years of development history, and its detection technology and level have made great progress, currently in civil engineering, water conservancy facilities, road and bridge construction, automobiles, high-speed rail, petroleum, aerospace , Scientific research and universities are widely used. In the future, we will focus on the development of dynamic test systems to improve the system's anti-jamming, anti-noise, automatic calibration, high polymer rate, rapidity, and stability. We must pay attention to establishing the industry standard system and building a multi-functional production and development base. .

7) Ceramic testing equipment: China is a big producer of ceramics, and its ceramic testing technology is also in the forefront of the world. At present, ceramic testing has entered a new stage of development, the instrument to achieve network, online monitoring, intelligent control systems, human-machine interface technology Such as the development direction of ceramic instruments, at the same time we must pay attention to the formulation of product standards, open up a new situation in ceramic instruments, open the first instrument export channels.

8) Power test instruments: After nearly 50 years of development, China's power test instruments have entered a period of rapid development, ranging from the development of single-parameter measurements to multi-parameter integrated test systems, bench testing, on-line measurement and remote control technologies. Engines, motors, fans, pumps, aerospace, ships, high-speed rail and so on. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, efforts should be made to improve the technical level of the sensors, especially the precision of the sensor's processing technology, so that it can catch up with and reach the world's advanced level; improve comprehensive testing capabilities; and strengthen the standardization of power test instruments. We must do a good job in the revision of product standards and integrate them with international advanced technologies so as to further explore the market for our country's power test instruments.

9) Vacuum instruments and devices: China's vacuum instruments are in a period of rapid development. There are currently 53 key enterprises. With the development of the country, power, energy, steel, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and scientific research, the development of vacuum equipment industry has ushered in new opportunities for development. It also puts forward more and higher requirements for vacuum equipment, and it has also received large foreign demand. With the strong challenge of vacuum equipment, China’s vacuum industry must work hard to further develop superior products and expand exports; improve the technological level and management level of enterprises and strengthen independent innovation capabilities; strive to expand the application of vacuum technology and increase market competitiveness. Make vacuum industry really enter a stable development stage.

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