Analysis of the Development Defects of China's Oil Equipment

Analysis of the Development Defects of China's Oil Equipment

Although China's oil extraction equipment has achieved good results, there are also some problems that we can not escape. For example, domestic products are uneven, production standards are different, and the technical level still lags behind some developed countries. Although some first-line brands can already produce according to international standards, the overall level and progress are still very different. Regardless of domestic or international markets, advanced technologies and products are the foundation for the oil industry to survive.

Looking around the world, whether it is the European, American and Japanese regions with strong national strength, or African countries that have not escaped poverty. China's oil equipment is highly regarded. Therefore, our domestic grain and oil machinery can achieve results in the international market, mainly due to the advantage of inexpensive equipment in China, but the price war is not a long-term solution. To maintain an invincible position, we must develop the gap and improve.

The gap between China's oil equipment and foreign equipment manufacturing machinery manufacturing technology in some domestic equipment has impact on the reliability of mechanical equipment performance, such as large rotating wheels, special mechanical seals, special chains, bearing stability and durability problems. For example, in order to develop a centrifuge, a certain domestic company has imported a complete set of machining equipment from abroad, obtained processing technical data and instructions from Alfalaval in Sweden, configured air conditioners, processed according to the specified temperature, and supported a dynamic balance laboratory to import SS316 stainless steel from Japan to produce Although the centrifuge has made great progress, its stability, failure rate, vibration, and separation efficiency are worse than Aflalaval's original imports. Domestic large-scale scraper conveyors have insufficient materials and machining accuracy. The foreign suppliers adjust the error of a few millimeters at each end during the manufacturing process, and fine-tune the entire scraper assembly, so the operation is stable and the noise is small; in addition, 63Mn is used for the material of the curved section and the intermediate partition, domestically. Only material 16Mn, thickness 10mm, the cumulative error is less than the cumulative error in the manufacturing, in the production process to eliminate the error by running in, so after the use of a problem, the partition wear or deformation. Such as domestic steam traps, often evaporate water, and with the use of longer time and increased steam, can not guarantee the use of steam indicators.

China's current main production form of oil equipment 1 workshop processing. Due to financial constraints of the company, in the leasing workshop, there are only simple mechanical production conditions, incomplete worker types, incomplete manufacturing drawings, and production without any detection means. The quality of their products can be imagined.

2 external processing methods. In order to undertake the entire production line or stand-alone, due to their own processing capacity is not enough, often find a large state-owned machinery processing plant to manufacture. The quality of the manufactured equipment is better than that of a simple workshop, but it is unstable. Due to factors such as low prices, the necessary technical inspections have not been carried out.

3 The two business models operate. After a certain engineering company has established a joint venture with a foreign engineering company, it will quote the price of the imported project and equipment, and the total price of the contracted production line will be slightly lower than the import price. In the design, it is controlled by the foreign engineers. At the end, the figure is signed and signed by the foreign chief designer, and parts of the equipment and components are imported to the site for assembly. In China, manufacturing equipment is manufactured according to the processing technology developed by the foreign party, and employees are qualified after passing the examination. All kinds of spare parts purchased in the country must have various quality specifications and test reports. The semi-finished products produced are inspected by foreign quality engineers, and unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory. Strict implementation of quality assurance system, such as in the manufacture of scraper conveyor, each segment of the error should be adjusted to ensure that the product factory error is controlled within the allowable range, and then fine-tuned to the installation, its manufacturing level and requirements and foreign requirements same. If the owner asks for more price reductions after the contract is submitted, he will design, process, install, and commission the engineer without the participation of the foreign engineer at the domestic price, referring to the drawings and equipment drawings of the same scale. Although the employees were previously guided by the foreign engineers, the quality and appearance of the processing equipment were greatly improved. However, if semi-finished products and finished products were a little small during processing, the inspection would not be too strict.

Oil plant automation There are two situations in the automation of the oil plant. 1 The foreign-funded enterprise complete sets of equipment are imported from abroad, and the production is fully automated and automated.

2 The level of automation in domestic enterprises is low. Although some companies introduce fully automated equipment, due to the lack of corresponding technicians and operating technicians, the imported equipment has not played a real role.

Suggestions for the development of the overall level of domestic grease equipment (1) Strengthen cooperation with foreign companies, rationally refine and design new processes and equipment.

(2) The introduction of foreign petrochemical technology in petrochemical industry is early and its application is mature. China's oil producers can learn from their chemical counterparts and learn from their experience. For example, the long carbon chain segmentation technology can be applied to deodorization of oil refining, extraction of vitamins, furfural, fatty acid and phospholipids.

(3) The gap between the key mechanical parts of the oil and grease equipment and foreign countries may be metallurgical issues, machining accuracy, etc., and these require the corresponding mechanical parts manufacturers to update the mechanical equipment and increase the technical content.

(4) There are minor problems with the equipment coming out of the manufacturing plant. The necessary adjustments must be made when installing on the site. This is necessary for non-standard equipment such as hot-skinned air pipe elbows, linings, and interface details.

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