Analysis of the Causes of Gear Bonding in Reducer

In the course of practice, the gear reducer has many advantages in application, such as high running stability, small size, long service life, simple installation and maintenance, and high bearing capacity. During the operation of the reducer device, the vibration frequency of the large gear and the pinion bearing bush increases, and the vibration noise is too large. The vibration rate limit appears in the box position, and the average vibration speed per second has reached 46mm.
At the same time, the vibration frequency of Shandong vacuum pump and water pump device and steam turbine device also showed a certain growth trend. If it is not analyzed in time, on the one hand, it may cause the gear of the reducer device to break, and on the other hand, it may cause the pump device in the entire operating system, and even the entire steam turbine unit to have serious damage problems. , which in turn causes unpredictable effects.
Based on the analysis of the spectrum data under the fault operating state of the reducer, the most important cause of the gear vibration abnormality caused by the reducer device is found, so that reasonable fault handling measures are taken to ensure that the reducer device returns to normal operation within the shortest time. .
Affected by the lack of lubricating oil lubrication, the coupling parts of the high-speed shaft pinion position of the reducer device are likely to have bonding problems during long and continuous operation, resulting in the pinion parts and the steam turbine rotor. The components can not always maintain a high alignment performance. Under the influence of this factor, the transmission frequency of the shaft head of the pinion coupling coupling even exceeds the ultimate bearing level of 0.06min.

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