Analysis of relationship between protein content and leaf color of winter wheat by chlorophyll analyzer

One of the main quality traits of cereal crops includes the GPC content of the grain protein, and the control of this substance is very difficult, because GPC is constrained by the growing environment and is also affected by the amount of N applied and the period of N application. Only the digestion and decomposition of plant tissues by sophisticated instruments can be used to effectively determine the N content by other procedures. Chlorophyll content can be determined in the field using a chlorophyll meter without any damage to the plants. The chlorophyll content of living leaves is closely related to the N content of the leaves, and it can be reflected by the difference in leaf color.

Each plot measured 30 flag leaves or inverted two leaves with a chlorophyll meter and calculated the average value. The chlorophyll meter can measure the difference between the incident red light and the reflected light that passes through the leaf. This difference corresponds to the chlorophyll content. In order to find out the most suitable leaf position for measuring leaf color values, some flag leaves and two inverted leaves were selected from each plot, and each leaf was divided into 5 equal parts from the tip (Table 2). The blade, the average value appears between the 3rd and 4th part. Therefore, the middle of the blade is used to measure the leaf color.

Through the chlorophyll meter in the field trials above, all tested leaves were from plants grown in the same place. Therefore, in order to determine whether the regression equation shown can also be used to predict the GPC of other field wheats, we conducted a field survey and analysis. The survey results showed that the range of departures from the regression line is large, especially when the GPC is low. Therefore, It seems to be difficult to accurately predict the same variety of GPC that is planted under different environmental conditions.

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