Analysis of Network Marketing of Construction Machinery

In an interview in a recent interview, the brand director of a company asked the author a question: Can online marketing become a model for sales of construction machinery? In this age of online shopping, construction machinery has become “online”. A question of research value.

From the perspective of marketing model, online marketing is imperative. First of all, this is a brand-new channel. The success of websites such as Alibaba, Taobao, and illustrates the huge potential of online marketing. Second, the low cost of network marketing makes it very valuable for companies to control costs. The function of network information sharing will greatly reduce the use of personnel... It can be seen that network marketing plays a very important role in improving the sales model of enterprises.

Some people may say that the price of construction machinery is too high, and hundreds of thousands and millions of people are involved in this kind of product. Some people dare to buy online products? In fact, such high-end notebook computers, digital SLR cameras, such million-dollar consumer goods The network marketing has been very mature, and the second-hand car network trading platform is relatively complete. Compared to consumers who have spent their savings on purchasing consumer goods, it seems that a construction machinery user who purchases production materials for millions of dollars does not seem to dare to imagine. Moreover, if it can be ensured by a third party that the payment is safe and the credit is guaranteed by the manufacturer, the quality of the product will surely be effectively protected.

From the user's point of view, online marketing is also a general trend. After 80 years is a new generation of users of construction machinery products, it will take less than a few years, this part of the user will become the main force to buy construction machinery products. One big difference between them and previous users is that they are a new generation that grew up with the network. Not to mention the younger users in the future, their relationship with the Internet is even closer.

The use of online means of service is an integral part of online marketing. With the help of a web platform, OEMs and accessory factories can more easily provide services to users. I have heard many companies complain about the after-sales service personnel, users in the event of product failure, because they do not understand professional terms or do not know the cause of the malfunction, the first requirement is to have them reach the scene. Some problems are very simple, but the fault site is a few hundred kilometers away from the service station. It is too much work to do this. With the network service platform, users can first rescue the common problems enumerated on the network. If conditions are available, they can also use video to conduct maintenance and repair, and can also provide the user with the nearest repair site and accessory sales company.

At present, all products of various companies can be searched on the Internet, but prices are not indicated without exception. In fact, this "concealment" has no practical significance. For a user or a competitor, it is easy to know the price of a product. If you ask a dealer, an agent, or a manufacturer of each company, you can get relevant information and even get preferential information.

If manufacturers still have concerns, they can start from the second mobile phone. The two mobile phones have different estimates of residual values ​​and there are no comparable products. Prices are very different. For manufacturers, the operation is easier. Wait until this part of the business is relatively mature, then the concept of network marketing can be introduced to new sales.

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