Air respirator maintenance

Air respirators are one of the three basic pieces of personal basic protective equipment used by firefighters to enter fire, poison, dust or oxygen-deficient environments for fire fighting, rescue and ambulance. They have the life of fire fighters. The name of the barrier.
First, the maintenance of the mask
The mask consists of a mirror, a mesh-like fast-fastening lacing, a double microphone, and a supply valve connection.
1. Maintenance of the mirror, pay attention to friction and impact to rough and hard materials, prevent the mirror from grinding and affect the transparency, clarity and even damage.
2. Maintenance of the dressing strap (microphone, air supply valve connection). The material of the dressing strap is rubber. When it is worn, it should be elastic as required. It should not be used too much, and at the same time prevent some corrosive substances from being damaged.
3. Maintenance of the microphone and air supply valve connection. Some substances cannot be allowed to enter the inside, and the small holes and impacts inside the plugs cause the plastic material to rupture and damage, resulting in unclear calls or weak connection with the air supply valve.
The full face mask should be disinfected with disinfectant after each use as much as possible to avoid cross-contagion of various diseases. After drying, use a special cloth cover to store.
Second, the maintenance and maintenance of the back frame
The back frame is composed of backing, shoulder strap, belt, cylinder fixing belt and pressure reducer, medium pressure soft conduit, quick plug, pressure gauge, alarm whistle and supply valve.
1. Maintenance of back support, shoulder strap and gas cylinder strap. Handle gently during use to prevent damage and damage caused by sharp objects. After each use, if it is wetted by water, it should be dried in a dry and ventilated place, avoid exposure. When storing, place the tightening straps in the maximum position to ensure that the air breathing apparatus is better attached to the combatant.
2. Maintenance of air supply valve and medium pressure soft conduit. Its main function is to provide air to the user. The function of the air supply valve is to switch the air supply valve, and the function of the emergency flush valve is to assist the air supply, except for the fogging of the mirror and the discharge of residual air. In use, it should be used correctly according to the operation requirements in the manual. Do not damage or lose the “O-shaped” ring of each connection port. Do not expose to sunlight or contact with corrosive materials to avoid damage.
3. Maintenance of pressure reducing valve, alarm whistle, quick plug and pressure gauge. Pressure reducing valve, alarm whistle, quick plug, must be carefully checked before and after use, to see if its device is intact, but also can not play its role, especially after being soaked in water, dry in a dry and ventilated place. For the quick plug, you must add a certain amount of lubricant to ensure complete and easy to use. Maintenance of the pressure gauge: It is also an inspection of the cylinder when checking the air pressure. After the inspection, the memory is released to ensure that the pressure gauge and the medium pressure hose will not be damaged under normal pressure; It cannot be used to measure the excess pressure and avoid overload.
Third, the maintenance of compressed air bottles and cylinder valves
1. The cylinder valve is used to control the components of the cylinder switch. It must be properly switched, and it is necessary to add a certain amount of lubricant.
2. Compressed gas cylinders are mainly used to store compressed air. Currently, there are two kinds of steel and carbon fiber. When injecting air, it should be noted that the flushing air should not exceed the rated safe air pressure. The air humidity should not be too large, which will cause the inner wall of the cylinder to oxidize. During use, it can not be violently collided and rubbed with sharp objects, which may cause damage to the cylinder. Causes an explosion; if necessary, make a protective cover for gas cylinders (especially carbon fiber cylinders) to prevent damage from friction. Steel cylinders should also be coated with a layer of anti-corrosive paint to prevent oxidation of the outside of the cylinder; gas-filled cylinders should not be exposed to sunlight or high temperatures to avoid damage or explosion.

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