Agilent Technologies Introduces Integrated Mobile WiMAX Tester E6651A

In Taiwan, one of the fastest growing areas of WiMAX in the world, related infrastructure deployment and testing operations are gradually evolving, and various measurement solutions have been introduced. Agilent Technologies has introduced an E6651A mobile WiMAX tester that combines complete RF measurement capabilities for measurement, verification and verification of product features for WiMAX measurements.
The E6651A provides up to 6 GHz of RF signal generation and signal analysis capabilities with scalable features that allow engineers to perform the required tests and pressure tests on the IP data processing capabilities of their designs in a tightly controlled laboratory environment. And the problem is debugged.
Su Shanwen, general manager of Agilent Technologies Hong Kong and director of marketing for the Asia Pacific region of the electronic instrument business group, pointed out: "At the end of 2006, there were about 140 operators worldwide engaged in WiMAX, but by March 2007 it had grown to more than 200, indicating that the market is growing quite The new E6651A mobile WiMAX tester can help design companies and manufacturers of WiMAX client products to quickly complete product development, introduce mass production, and improve product integrity and quality while reducing costs."
Agilent is working with Innowireless to develop this product. Su Shanwen said that after the launch of E6651, Agilent has a complete line of WiMAX R&D and production test solutions, including signal analyzers, signal generators and EDA software. In fact, Agilent was the first supplier of measurement equipment to join the WiMAX Forum in 2003.
Su Shanwen pointed out that the E6651A is a breakthrough in mobile WiMAX testing, allowing users to flexibly set various network parameters and perform high-speed, accurate measurements through the easy-to-use Windows XP operating system. The tester's flexible base station simulation and parametric testing capabilities are built into a fully integrated, single-part instrument, further simplifying the measurement process for R&D, verification and production.
The E6651A supports physical layer RF measurements up to 6 GHz, base station emulation, application/interoperability and protocol testing, and supports TTCN-3 protocol test cases. The company said the E6651A integrates base station emulation and RF parametric testing in a single device and supports IEEE 802.16e2005 Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) to help manufacturers reduce costs and quickly enter mass production.
With PCT testing capabilities, the E6651A enables device developers and testers to perform effective protocol test cases to verify that their devices are compliant with WiMAX standards. In addition, designers can build custom TTCN-3 test cases to test performance limits. Since June 2007, Agilent Technologies plans to support WiMAX Profile 1A and 3A client testing, and will support base station testing and other WiMAX profiles in subsequent releases. Agilent expects to begin supplying the E6651A mobile WiMAX tester in mid-2007.

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