Aetna Power receives orders for 10 low-speed marine diesel engines

Aetna Power receives orders for 10 low-speed marine diesel engines
December 2013 31 Jiangsu Antai Power Machinery Co., Ltd. and Taizhou San Fu held a signing ceremony host 10X2400TEU container ship, ship-time San Fu ordered to Antai Power 10 6S50ME-B MAN low-speed marine diesel engines. This is the third time that Sanfu Ships has cooperated with Antai Power to order four 6S46 mainframes.

   the final products will be 40%-45%tyre oil(fuel oil), carbon blacks and  35% carbon blacks, and 10% steels  and another 5-10% recycling gas(CH4-C4H10).

the main process is that by heating the reactor directly, tyres will be pyrolysised into oil gas;

condensers or cooling pipes will cool the gas down into liquid oil with the help of recycling water;

then the rest gas which could not be cooled down into liquid oil will be recycled into reactor heating system; after oil gas coming out completely, stop heating the reactor, and cool down reactor below 70 degrees; then can open the door and discharge carbon black automatically...

there are models with capacities from 5tons to 20tons per batch

LN-2200-6000 capacity of 5-6ton 

LN-2200-6600 capacity of 7-8ton 

LN-2200-8000 capacity of 9-10ton 

LN-2600-6600 capacity of 10-12ton 

LN-2600-8000 capacity of 12-14ton 

LN-2800-6000 capacity of 10-12ton 

LN-2800-6600 capacity of 12-14ton 

LN-2800-8000 capacity of 15-20ton 

if cut into smaller pieces, it could process more.

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