A simple but easy-to-use VOCs disposal method - the environment in the furniture manufacturing industry

The surface coating industry in furniture manufacturing mainly produces paint mist and VOCs. The paint fog is the paint atomized under the action of high pressure but did not reach the surface of the spray paint particles dispersed, because of its thick and highly viscous, causing pollution to the environment but also because of paint differences exist for human health The main source of VOCs is the organic solvent used to dilute the paint, which is colorless and extremely harmful. It often becomes a difficult problem to control due to the complexity of its components. The exhaust gas sprayed on the furniture, the traditional treatment method for the use of water curtain to wash the paint exhaust gas to remove part of the paint mist, paint spray treatment ineffective, even less effective on VOCs.

Recently, Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. completed a furniture painting workshop exhaust gas treatment project, using a simple but effective combination of technology - washing + adsorption.


According to the customer's requirement, we aim to lower the national standard (GB16297-1996, Table 2), taking into consideration the operating costs and improving the design and distribution of the air volume several times so that the customers can change the operation of the equipment according to the actual conditions and ensure the discharge At the same time further saving operation and maintenance costs. Waste gas through the scrubber on the particulate matter and water soluble pollutants were subsidence and absorption, through the demist layer of the initial purification of dry gas and then most of the remaining pollutants by activated carbon after absorption of pollutants discharged through the chimney. The first step of gas-solid separation to avoid the follow-up of activated carbon blockage, the second part of the adsorption is far below the national standard emissions, simple and effective.


The final discharge concentration (mg / m3) and the rate (kg / h) of the furniture painting workshop waste gas are 8.5 * 10-3 / 2.92 * 10-4 benzene, 0.989 / 3.39 * 10-2 toluene, Xylene 1.18 / 4.05 * 10-2, non-methane total hydrocarbons 2.1 / 7.2 * 10-2, the purification efficiency of VOCs (mainly benzene series) is over 90%, which greatly improves the air quality in production sites, Not only contribute to the health of workers, but also for the protection and improvement of the surrounding ecological environment has made its contribution.