A 22-year-old man graduated from a technical secondary school when he was found 4 years after travelling abroad.

A 22-year-old man graduated from a technical secondary school when she was found 4 years ago when she was found to be a skinny diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-07-18

Don't go home and the guy is hungry.
Men's technical secondary school graduates discovered when they wandered for 4 years.
A man with a secondary school education has not been able to find a stable job for 4 years after graduation. For this reason, he has not been in contact with his family. His family once posted a tracing notice to find his whereabouts. At about 2 a.m. yesterday morning, the man was found to be skinny when he was discovered in a rough apartment of a farmer's apartment that had not been put into use in Yushang Village, Nanchang City.
According to reports, the man surnamed Xu and Fengcheng were 22 years old and graduated from the Jiangxi Provincial Water Conservancy and Hydropower School in July 2008.
Men overnight housing
At about 2 a.m. yesterday morning, a security patrol officer from Yushang village discovered on patrol that a young man was sleeping in the rough room of a farmer's apartment that had not been put into use in the Shangshang Village. The patrol officer suspected that the man was a thief and called the police. When the police officer at the Luo’s police station took the man back to the property, he was informed that the man could not find a place to stay before he boarded the unoccupied apartment and had already taken shelter in this “free” apartment. More than a year.
Family brings home
Xu said that he graduated for 4 years, and he didn't find a job. When he had no money, he went to the construction site to fight for a temporary job. After a little money, he went to the Internet cafe to go online.
Xu's father told reporters that in the past four years, his son has been wandering and his phone has not been played at home. The family has been worried about what happened to him outside, asked about his whereabouts, and went to Jiangsu and other places.
When a reporter asked why the man would rather not be in contact with his family or go home for the past few years, Xu's silence should not, it seems that there is nothing to hide. Yesterday morning, the man was brought back by his family.
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