6500 MVA impact generator reaches international level

The China Machinery Industry Federation recently organized a 6500 MVA impact generator identification meeting in Xi'an. The experts agreed that the main performance indicators of the 6500 MVA impact generator independently developed by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. have reached the international leading level of similar products, and it is recommended that Harbin Electric further summarize the various innovations achieved and promote the application. .

The appraisal committee believes that this impact generator is the core equipment of the high current test system. The design and production are difficult and the technical content is high.

In 1987, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry urgently needed a three-phase outlet short-circuit capacity of 6,500 MVA for the development of China's electrical appliance manufacturing industry. Since China has not produced such products, it is intended to be imported for emergency needs. In the technology introduction negotiations, foreign companies believe that China's motor design and manufacturing technology is low, so the price in cooperative production is as high as nearly 10 million US dollars, and its technology is tightly sealed, and it is also blunt: "You can't design this technology very difficult. High special purpose generator".

At that time, the country had few foreign exchange reserves and was unable to pay for this high foreign exchange, and the country urgently needed such a generator. The leader of Harbin Electric Company believes that the factory has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing conventional generators, has a profound theoretical foundation of electric motors, has the ability to innovate and overcome the technical difficulties. Therefore, it decided to undertake the self-developed 6500 MVA impact generator. Mission to meet the urgent needs of the country.

In 1988, Harbin Electric listed the 6500 MVA impact generator as a major development product project. Organize the development team and appoint the responsible persons of design, process, plan, material supply, production organization, installation, liaison, etc. to carry out work. After careful design and careful construction, the 6500 MVA impact generator successfully completed the design and manufacturing tasks, and was officially put into operation in November 2003.

From November 2003, the 6500 MVA impact generator was put into operation, and the number of short circuits accumulated more than 5,000 times, and the maximum peak current value reached 320 kA. There is no abnormality in the winding fixing structure under repeated impact, which proves that the internal and external fixing and shielding structure of the end winding is excellent in design, firm and reliable, and meets the relevant test standards of IEC and GB. Xi'an High Voltage Electric Apparatus Research Co., Ltd. is very satisfied with the performance of this machine and evaluates: The performance of this generator exceeds the world's largest generator of the KEMA high current test station in the Netherlands.

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