50 Dongfeng Road Maintenance Vehicles Delivered to Yichun Highway Bureau

Recently, Jiangxi Nanchang Huamai Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. Jiangxi first-tier agent) held the Dongfeng Road maintenance vehicle delivery ceremony in Yichun City, officially handing over 50 Dongfeng XBW double-row highway maintenance vehicle keys to Yichun. City Highway Bureau hands. This is a relatively large order for Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi market in recent years, and it is also a beneficial exploration for opening up the Jiangxi market.

Liu Huitang, head of Dongfeng Yulon Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and special vehicle department, said at the handover ceremony that the delivery of 50 road maintenance trucks reflected the recognition of Dongfeng light trucks by customers in Yichun City and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. further developed Jiangxi. A new starting point for the market, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. after-sales service network will provide first-class service, allowing customers to buy the rest assured that use is also assured.

Zhang Ping, deputy director of the Bureau of Highways of Yichun City, said that the Yichun Highway Bureau chose the Dongfeng Xiao Bawang highway maintenance vehicle because of the good performance of the Dongfeng Light Truck and the enthusiasm and service of the Nanchang Huamai Motor Sales Company staff to the Yichun Highway Bureau. Impressed and hope to continue to strengthen cooperation with Nanchang Huamai Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. in the future.

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