24inch MTB Bicycle Tire for Mountain Bike

Model NO.: 24x2.1
Customized: Customized
Cord Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Condition: New
Material: Rubber
Size: Wide Range
Tyre Color: Black or Other
Tread: Durable
Usage: Bicycle
Warranty: 20000km
Price: Cheap
Factory: Yes
Trademark: V GOOD or OEM
Transport Package: Foil Belt and Into Bundle
Specification: various
Origin: China
HS Code: 40115000
24inch MTB Bicycle Tire for Mountain Bike
24inch MTB Bicycle Tire for Mountain Bike
24inch MTB Bicycle Tire for Mountain Bike
24inch MTB Bicycle Tire for Mountain Bike

Bicycle Tire Variety
All color bicycle tire,Color wall bicycle tire,Gum wall bicycle tire,color in shoulder bicycle tire,Color line bicycle tire.

Road bicycle tire,Mountain bicycle tire,Cruiser bicycle tire,City/urban bicycle tire,BMX&Freestyle bicycle tire,Fat bicycle tire.

Bicycle Tire Quality Level
>15% rubber content
>20%rubber content
>25%rubber content
>30%rubber content
>40%rubber content

Product description

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