2018 China's lightning protection media New Year's message: Heaven is constantly changing

In 2017, “Meteorological Lightning Prevention” gradually cleared the doorway of “distribution of the service” and awakened from the coma. From the General Administration of Administration to the provincial-level meteorological bureaus, service platforms for mine supervision and control were introduced one after another, causing many to complain once and again. The lightning-resistant practitioners who have nowhere to adapt have regained the feeling of having a “poor family”.
In the period when “meteorological lightning protection” is at a loss and industry leadership is lacking, “building lightning protection” will be replaced in a timely manner. On April 12, the Architectural Protection Association of Lightning Protection Academic Committee (ACLP) of the Chinese Architectural Society was announced in Beijing. Subsequently, ACLP held several technical exchange conferences in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, etc., Chief Engineer of China Building Standard Design and Research Institute, Secretary-General of Building Electrical Standardization Technical Committee of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Secretary of ACPL Secretary Sun Lan etc. The batch of construction electrical experts frequently attended the lightning protection technical conferences around the country and were busy and vigorous.
However, after all, “building lightning protection” cannot represent all the modern lightning protection. On June 15th, the Technical Committee for the Standardization of Power Grounding Technologies for the Energy Industry was established in Xi’an. The grounding technology exchange and grounding technology standardization system was established. On October 24-25, the "Second China Lightning Protection Industry Development and Innovation Summit" held in Shenzhen proposed the theme of "New Lightning Protection and Great Security", reconstructing the development concept of the lightning protection industry, and The pattern has been upgraded to a new height. At the summit of “high-flying the banner of China's lightning protection industry,” DEHN, PHOENIX CONTACT, Power Solutions and Electrical, Shenzhen Haipengxin, Guizhou Gaoxin Yiqi, Suidian Lightning Protection, Chenyu Electronics, Shenzhen Wei IoT and other companies made appearances on the same stage. Among these companies, there are internationally renowned brands and state-owned enterprises. There are 18-year-old veterans and emerging recruits. Their product lines range from lightning-protected infrastructure components to intelligent management systems and even to extensions. To more widely used products, each company that debuts is a symbol representing the current status of the industry. After carefully observing their growth history and development ideas, they can outline the trend and blueprint of China's lightning protection industry.
Of course, the development of any industry, vocalization and applause always go hand in hand. Even when many people lament that the lightning protection market trend has gone, more people are still quietly moving forward, while continuing to release a positive and optimistic development signal: Yueqing City Tyco Electronics Co., Ltd. adhere to high standards of product quality and service to achieve The business goal of double-digit growth every year; To expand the production scale, in early 2017, Yueqing Tyco purchased a new plant, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in August 2018; in August 2017, Chen Shuo Electronics (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd. started construction. The factory covers an area of ​​more than 3,100 square meters, making up for the lack of Longke Electronics's capacity shortage, and adding another strength to MOV; the Hunan Thunder Protection Association president and the Changsha Corbett Group have meticulously crafted two harnesses for lightning protection and photovoltaic, not only in the conventional The market is stable and steady, but also deepens into the field of smart manufacturing and seeks development; Guangzhou Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Blue Shield, focuses on the development strategy of “big security” industry, and continuously improves the lightning protection and electromagnetic protection to the “wisdom and security” product system.
Standards/specifications have historically been a guide for the actions of a growing industry. It regulates the development and application of products and stimulates continuous innovation of products. Participation in standard setting is also an important symbol for entering a first-class enterprise. Therefore, the enthusiasm for enterprises to participate in standard setting has never diminished. In 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration issued the Guidelines for Cultivating and Developing Group Standards. Opinions further boosted this enthusiasm. In 2017, although some “group standards” projects were questioned by true and old qualified experts, “based on technology, innovation and development” is still the mainstream trend of the lightning protection industry, like Li Xin of Xiamen Daheng and Guizhou Feiyu. The pride of the fees, the horse factory in Beijing Reebs and other keen on technology, talk about the boss of the moon is still a lot of people.
After December 15, 2017, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standards Commission, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly issued the "Regulations on the Management of Group Standards (Trial)", and the "Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China" officially implemented on January 1, 2018, was The legal status of group standards will play an important role in vigorously nurturing development group standards and supporting the promotion and application of group standards.
When it comes to standards, there is no doubt that China's lightning protection technology standards have entered the international advanced ranks. Over the past two years, major media have reported "Chinese experts completed the preparation of a number of new ITU-T SG5 lightning protection standards", "international lightning protection standards sing "China Good Voice"" and "China's participation in ITU-T lightning protection standard preparation. Achieving Breakthrough Progress, which inspired the industry; in 2017, the IECSC37A AHG9 domestic counterpart working group was established and held two working conferences to study SPD special detachers and smart SPDs; October, IEC SC37A WG3/WG4/WG5 Working Group The conference was held in Chengdu. Expert committee members from various countries discussed related work contents and work plans for Smart SPDs and SSDs, and promoted the process of Smart SPDs and SSDs being included in IEC standards work.
In contrast, the research and development of standards for multi-pulse lightning protection in China appear to be mixed. After the Beijing Thunderbolt Protective Device Test Center successfully developed a 10-pulse multi-stroke impact generator in 2012, in 2014, a 20-pulse multi-waveform lightning electromagnetic pulse generation system independently developed in China settled in the Heilongjiang Lightning Protection Center with the maximum number and amplitude of output pulses. Both are in the leading position both at home and abroad. This achievement has important application value for the global lightning protection technology innovation and the electromagnetic compatibility research of various advanced electronic products. Although several years ago there have been SPDs that meet the requirements of multi-pulse testing, the domestic multi-pulse standard has been in dispute. On September 25, 2017, the first working group meeting was organized by the group standard “Multiple Pulse Surge Protective Devices for Low Voltage Distribution Systems - Performance Requirements and Test Methods” organized by the Chinese Association of Architects; November 16, Germany TÜV Rheinland Group released the Surge Protector (SPD) Multi-Pulse Test and Certification Standard (2PfG 2634) in Beijing. Subsequently, Chengdu Calibration's lightning arresters became the first in the world to receive the Rhine TÜV multi-pulse test certificate. Under normal circumstances, the standard lags behind the product, but if the standard is delayed after the product is introduced, it will be detrimental to the development of the industry. As Mr. Xia Bo, Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Products Services of TÜV Rheinland Greater China, said in an exclusive interview with “China Lightning Protection”, “How can products without standard assessment be recognized by the market? If we can reach consensus on key aspects, Then we should put aside the dispute first, implement it according to some recognized and more appropriate 'standards', and then improve it according to the application.” TÜV Rheinland is a world-renowned third-party testing agency with a keen insight and efficient execution. It is worth learning from the managers and operators of the lightning protection industry.
Learning from outstanding people and aligning with high standards will greatly shorten our journey towards success. In any mature industry, there will always be several examples of companies that can play a leading role in the development of the industry. They jumped out of the narrow ideas of self-determination and were willing to obtain extensive resource integration through a more inclusive business platform to achieve mutual benefits between peers and industry chains. In the “Second China Lightning Industry Development and Innovation Summit Forum” in 2017, Xu Chunming, President of the Shenzhen Lightning Protection Association and Chairman of Career Group, proposed the “Sharing Alliance for Lightning Prevention and Mitigation Industry Alliance” and received great attention. . In 2018, we expect this "Internet + Lightning Protection" platform to become a stage for industry sharing and win-win.
In today's society, with the vigorous development of the mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and big data, technological responses are becoming more efficient and rapid, and business operations are becoming more transparent and opportunistic. It will be even more difficult. Pride and prejudice are undoubtedly impregnable. President Xi said: Happiness is a struggle. May our colleagues in the mine protection industry “do not have the illusions and vacuity, step by step, and do a good job in the new year.”
Heaven's reward, daily change.

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