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[China Instrument Network News] News view, focus on dynamics. Today is Thursday, August 18th. InstrumentNet presents you with the latest industry news. Today's main content is:

2016 Semi-annual Listed Company Status Overview【Details】

Gas companies urgently need to upgrade a variety of transformation pathways to provide inspiration[detailed content]

The second batch of industry standard revision plan announced in 2016 involves more instruments [detailed content]

Another meter- measurement international merger and acquisition case will impact the domestic market 【Details】

2016 National Natural Science Fund Project Appraisal Results TOP100 Released【Details】

The instrument intelligent manufacturing technology exchange meeting was held to discuss the measurement industry development.

Seventh Anniversary of the Announcement of Announcement of Announcement of Electromagnetic Measurement and Instrument Development Conference【Details】

[Instrument Patent] involving an accessory part of a gas flow meter , applied by Chongqing Qianwei Technology Group Co., Ltd., and obtained an authorization announcement on August 10, 2016 [Details]

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