2009 "Best Popular Car" Selection Officially Launched

The timetable for this year has entered the fourth quarter, and the auto market has been growing steadily. As the Guangzhou International Auto Show 2009 was approaching, the 2009 “Best Popular Car” selection was formally launched.

According to reports, the "China's Best Annual Popular Car" co-sponsored by the Information Times and Sina Automotive Channel and other institutions has entered the seventh and will be the seventh large scale since the 2003 China Popular Car Selection. The company has launched a comprehensive selection of nearly 100 automotive products produced and sold in China. This reporter learned that this selection includes passenger car, commercial vehicle, eco-car, and individual awards in four categories.

Popular cars focus on market reputation

The person in charge of the organizing committee stated that the automotive market has encountered various factors of interference this year. Although overall growth has been maintained, the growth rate has slowed down and market competition has become more encouraging. In such a market environment, doing a good job of service and improving customer satisfaction will become an issue more important to all car companies. The “Best Popular Car of the Year” of the newspaper is different from other selection angles in that it targets the models most concerned by the market and most recognized by consumers in a year. Therefore, the selection not only examines the technical characteristics of the models, but also compares the annual sales, and through a large-scale vehicle owner survey, the attention, satisfaction, and market reputation of each model are obtained.

With the strong support of domestic and foreign authoritative organizations and individuals, "2009 China's Best Annual Popular Car" is not only an accreditation and encouragement for China's outstanding cars, but also a good indicator for South China consumers. It will become a compass for South China auto consumption.

As in previous years, this year's selection will be divided into four categories: the 2009 Guangzhou Best Annual Popular Car Series Award for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, eco-cars, and individual awards. The organizer hopes to encourage manufacturers who have been investing in after-sales service for many years and have made significant progress.

100,000 citizens voted well

It is reported that since 2003, the "Information Times" has launched the "Popularity of the Year" series. After seven years of operation, this selection is becoming more and more mature. In 2008 alone, it attracted more than 100,000 citizens to vote. Times's "Best Popularity Car" selection has gradually become the most influential selection in South China, and has become a vane to guide the automotive consumer market.

This year's selection will go further on the basis of the past. The organizing committee will introduce the "sea election" form of voting to further expand the selection scope so as to ensure fair and reasonable selection results. Firstly, the readers voted through the “Information Times” to select the type of vehicle code. In addition, this selection will set special topics on the Sina Auto Channel, inviting the majority of users to vote online; the second phase of the selection will also be conducted by neutral industry experts. Hands, media experts, and experts from the testing organizations form expert panel to select and produce the final “car of the year” awards and individual prize lists.

Again confirms brand influence

The reporter was informed that the specific process for this selection was: Starting from October, the "Information Times" will launch the "Best Popular Car of the Year 2009" campaign, accepting consumer voting in print media and online, and entering expert selection in November. stage. In order to expand the influence of the “Popularity of the 2009 Best Models” series, the awards will be presented during the 7th Guangzhou Auto Show and will attract more attention.

The "Information Times" was one of the first media to launch a series of reviews related to the Guangzhou International Auto Show. Starting from the second Guangzhou International Auto Show, every time the auto show was held, the "Guangzhou International Motor Show Annual Popular Car Series Award" was selected to be held. In the form of candidate platform for each new type of car, and with an average of 1.57 million copies released in the Pearl River Delta area for selection. This year's "Information Times" will once again attack, as the curtain of Guangzhou's most popular representative model again displayed in the magic stage of the Guangzhou auto show.

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