10 common domestic inverter frequency technology breakthrough

The article will provide you with the latest 10 advanced frontier frequency conversion technologies for the current domestic general purpose inverters , covering low electromagnetic noise, muting, specialization, systematization, networking, "easy to use" mode, parameter trend graphics, built-in applications Software, distributed applications, parameter self-tuning, software setting 10 functions. The following 10 frontier frequency conversion technology will be explained in detail. (1) low electromagnetic noise, quiet In addition to the use of high-frequency carrier mode of the sine wave SPWM modulation to achieve the mute, but also in the general inverter input side plus AC reactor or active power factor correction circuit APFC, and in the inverter circuit to take Soft- PWM control technology, etc., to improve the input current waveform, reduce power harmonics, in the anti-jamming and harmonic suppression in line with EMC international standards to achieve the so-called clean power conversion. Such as domestic inverter brand Ampang letter inverter used in flexible PWM control technology to achieve a lower noise operation. (2) Dedicated In order to give full play to the unique functions of frequency control technology and to meet the needs of on-site control, the domestic new universal frequency converter has derived many special models. According to Shenzhen Anbang letter system inverter, for example, has developed a special type of air conditioners such as fan pumps, crane-specific, constant pressure water supply-specific, CNC machine- specific, textile machinery- specific, synchronous conveyor dedicated, , Wire drawing machine and air compressor for special applications and other specialized areas of special models. (3) Systematic In addition to the development of domestic general-purpose inverter digital, intelligent, multi-functional, but also to the integrated and systematic direction. The completion of these technologies allows for the integrated configuration of frequency converters, servo devices, controllers and communication devices, and even automation and drive systems, communication and data management systems can be implemented in the same way as drives are usually embedded in Totally Integrated Automation systems, To provide users with the best system features. (4) network Domestic new universal inverter can provide a variety of compatible communication interface to support a variety of different communication protocols, built-in RS485 interface, from the personal computer to the general inverter input run commands and set the function code data. (5) "easy to use" mode Domestic new universal inverter machine curing "debugging guide" will guide you step by step to fill in the debugging form, without having to remember any parameters, fully demonstrated the ease of operation. (6) parameter trend graph Domestic new universal frequency inverter trend of the parameters can be displayed in a timely manner the current state of the signal, the user in the debugging process, the monitoring and recording of operating parameters at any time. (7) built-in application software Domestic new universal inverter can be built a variety of applications, and some brands can provide as many as 130 kinds of application software to meet the needs of the scene process control, such as PID control software, tension control software, speed chain, speed follow, Current balance, inverter function setting software, communication software and so on. (8) distributed applications Modern automation projects tend to distributed programs, which requires that the intelligent equipment must be modular, distributed, and can be integrated with modern machinery and equipment. This not only brings cost advantages in production, commissioning and maintenance of machinery and equipment, but also provides flexibility for equipment expansion. (9) parameters self-tuning Users only need to set the data set code, without setting items one by one, the universal inverter will automatically adjust the operating parameters to the best condition. (10) function set software The function of domestic universal inverter can be installed and downloaded under the environment of WINDOWS95 / 98, and can carry out data communication.