1.8T turbocharger pump practical application tips

Cold Truck Startup When the engine is cold, require the driver to move the vehicle for at least 30 seconds after the engine starts to run at idle speed, and try to avoid the stuck pump failure caused by too high speed of the turbine pump when the engine oil is cold after the cold start. Turbocharger lubrication is generated by the engine oil pump pressure generated through a special tubing to achieve, if you are anxious to move the vehicle after cold start, turbo pump speed, load quickly increased, while the oil pressure is low, it A turbo pump stuck stuck. Stopping the vehicle After the vehicle runs high speed, the engine should not be turned off immediately, because the turbocharger pump still rotates at a high speed under the effect of inertia. At this time, the lubrication of the turbine shaft is completed by the work of the engine oil pump. At this time Engine stalling will stop all lubrication immediately, and high-speed rotation of the turbine shaft will be stuck due to lack of lubrication failure, so the correct method of operation is finished running at high speed, the first idling after a while for about 90 seconds, and then Turn the engine off again.