Working principle and type of cone crusher

The working principle of the cone crusher is shown in Figure 2-4. In Figure 2-4, 1 is a moving cone and 2 is a fixed cone. The space between them is a crushing cavity, and the motor drives the bevel gear through a belt. Due to the action of the eccentric mechanism, the tapered surface of the moving

Which instrument is good for nitrogen determination?

The nitrogen determination instrument is a special instrument for detecting nitrogen content in seeds, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil and other agricultural and sideline products. Its wide application area and powerful functions make it one of the necessary inspection instruments

Vertical micrometer

working principle Turbine classifiers are devices that use airflow to achieve the classification of dry materials according to particle size requirements. It consists of a feeding zone, a self-dividing grading zone, a turbine grading zone, and the like. The material enters the self-splitting classi

Control and protection of blasting shock wave

1) Try to avoid the use of bare blasting or detonating cords for open-pit blasting. When it is necessary, cover the sand; 2) Control the amount of explosives at a time, from the "space" (distributed cloth) and "time" (segmental detonation), the total amount of the explosive area

Coal mine ventilation technology

According to many coal mine accident investigation results show that the major disasters of the coal mine, and mine ventilation systems are generally closely linked. Mine ventilation system is a key part of coal mine safety. Therefore, it is especially important to establish a stable, reliable and s