Main industrial indicators of mica resource deposits

In geological exploration work, according to industrial raw materials, mica ore reserves and calculate the rate of ore body. Industrial raw material mica refers to a mica block having an arbitrary shape, flat on both sides of the crystal, and an effective area of ​​not less than 4 cm

China's tire industry showed four major trends

Thanks to the rapid development of the market, China's tire industry is showing changes with each passing day, and some development trends have also attracted the attention of the industry. So, from the Chinese tire industry in 2017, what are the development trends in this industry in th

Vaccine cold-chain vehicle configuration

Vaccine cold chain vehicle configuration_Disease control vaccine delivery vehicle_Ford State Six Jiangling Transit Blue brand_vaccine transport vehicle How much is a recombinant protein vaccine is to express the most effective antigen component in cells in vitro through

Uranium in situ leaching mining example

    1. Clay West uranium mine (clay west) The mine was the first large-scale commercial production of in-situ leaching uranium mines in the United States, which was commissioned in April 1975. Pumping jointly run by the United States Steel Corporation (USSteel) and Niagara Corporation (Ni