Panhard erc wheeled reconnaissance vehicle

The China Automobile Network reconnaissance vehicle column included China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Reconnaissance Vehicle Auto Announcement All 1 Categories 2 Manufacturers 1 Reconnaissance Vehicle Brand 3 Reconnaissance Vehicle

Foton Veyron Sprinkler

China Automotive Networking Sprinklers Catalog A total of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Inc. Sprinkler Trucks Automobile Bulletin All 10 Categories 253 Manufacturers 227 Sprinkler Brands 3071 Sprinklers Product Information, Late

State Department pushes diesel engine upgrade

Following the timetable for determining the upgrading of vehicle diesel to the national standard, the State Council has also launched a roadmap for upgrading the internal combustion engine. Yesterday, the Chinese government network released "Opinions of the General Office of the State Counci

Guangzhou launches 100 new energy buses by 500 next year

Yesterday morning, the launch ceremony of 100 new energy buses in Guangzhou was held at the main square of the municipal government. Including 20 LNG buses and 80 hybrid buses. This is also the first time that Guangzhou has used the income derived from bidding for small and medium-sized passenger

Bulk feed carriers - Part 3: Test methods

China Automotive Network bulk feed trucks are listed in the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Bulk Feed Transport Vehicles Automotive Bulletin All 3 Categories 5 Manufacturers 5 Bulk Feed Carrier Brands 58 Bulk Feed Carriers Product Infor

E-commerce and mold industry are closely related

The plastics and hardware industry is a traditional industry in China. It started earlier and became more and more mature. At the same time, it also grew a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with potential. In the current international competitive environment, relying solely on it