New concept dryer

Pivoan has developed a unique PET processing concept after accumulating more than 1,500 installation experiences in a variety of application fields and according to the current trend of the PET market to provide innovative solutions for the use of energy. This intelligent patent energy management

Shell Unveils Newly Launched Phoenix Strategy

Five years after the joint venture between Shell and Uniform Lubricants, the company with two lubricant brands started a new journey. Not long ago, Shell Uniform (Beijing) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shell Uniform) completed a new round of personnel appointments. Its

China's level instrument product growth status

China's level instrument level gauge, liquid level transmission, capacitance level gauge, level switch and other product development status and market trends! The high-end contemporary new instrument level gauges are imported in addition to the night, especially for the level instrumen

The latest quote from the HV-50 Vickers hardness tester

The different quotes for the HV-50 Vickers hardness tester in the following three regions are quoted at 14,000-15,000 yuan in Changzhou, 14,500-16,350 yuan in Wenzhou, and 14,560-15,200 yuan in Ningbo. product name Brands model area Price (RMB yuan/piece) Vickers hardness tester Uni