China's monitoring instrumentation needs to be modernized

Introduction: In recent years, environmental safety risks and major environmental pollution accidents have shown an increasing trend, causing major losses to the lives and property of the country and people. However, in this area, the monitoring instrumentation that plays a key role has be

The use of the program in the CNC production process

Flutter is a type of self-excited vibration. It is due to the change of the cutting depth caused by the vibration of the machine tool, and this change is fed back to its own tool cutting system, which eventually leads to the out-of-step phenomenon of the pass; flutter occurs. The ultimate goal of th

Shantytown Reconstruction Project

Shantytown Renovation Project (2011-2012) Project Name: Progress of shantytowns reconstruction project: Record and construction period: January 2011 to December 2012 Major equipment: cranes, fire-fighting facilities, security facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, electrical facilities,

Taohuayuan Airport Expansion Flight Area Project

Taohuayuan Airport Expansion Flight Area Project (2010-2011, 950 million) Name of Project: Development Phase of the Project for the Expansion of the Taohuayuan Airport Flight Project: Engineering Design and Construction Period: 2010-2011 Major equipment: navigation aids, distribution systems, com

Michelin: No sign of sluggish tire sales

Michelle Roilliers, CEO of the French tire manufacturer Michelin , said on September 14, 2011 that Michelin did not see signs of sluggish sales in its main business market. However, he said that if the economic environment deteriorates, Michelin is ready to reduce production to clear invento

Instrument features of the Karl Fischer moisture analyzer

Karl Fischer, Karl Fischer moisture analyzer, is a well-known classic method for detecting moisture with high accuracy. Karl Fischer moisture analyzer can be widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, agriculture, commodity inspection, laboratory and many other ind