Tianhua Institute develops one-step profile mixing extruder

The science and technology mini-tech innovation fund project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is undertaken by Tianhua Chemical Machinery and Automation Research and Design Institute, has passed the review and acceptance of the Gansu Science and Technology Department in Lanzhou rec

Enterprise Technology R&D Center Project

Enterprise Technology R&D Center Project (2010-2013) Project Name: Enterprise Technology R&D Center Project Progress Phase: Construction Under Construction Construction Period: November 2010 to October 2013 Major equipment: cranes, fire-fighting facilities, security facilities, water suppl

Urumqi Ring Expressway (East Line) Project

Urumqi Ring Expressway (East Line) Project (2011-2014, 6.88 billion) Project Name: Urumqi Ring Expressway Expressway (East Line) Progress of the Project: Environmental Impact Assessment Construction Period: First quarter of 2011 - Fourth quarter of 2014 Major equipment: excavators, bulldozers, cra

Avant-garde smart water meter won four national patents

Recently, Chongqing Qianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. has obtained four national patents for the smart water meter, namely M-BUS bus controller, M-BUS bus master data receiving device, M-BUS bus intrinsic safety barrier and multi-function remote control valve. Up to now, the company has obtained nearly

Financial Times: China's luxury car unabated

Younger drivers should not be alarmed at the increase in sales of luxury cars. More and more Chinese young people are driving luxury cars. They are 80, only children, have a good education and have a stable job. The house does not need to be considered, and parents do it for them. After wo

Screw thick slurry pump troubleshooting method

Screw thick-slurry pump is difficult to start: The screw thick-slurry pump liquid does not fill the pump chamber and has a large frictional resistance. Screw thick liquid pump packing gland pressure too tight, friction between the shaft and packing torque is too large: use a pipe wrench t

Analysis of Development Direction of Domestic Cranes

(1) Improving the structure of hoisting machinery and reducing its own weight Domestic cranes have mostly adopted computer optimization design to improve the technical performance of the whole machine and reduce its own weight, and adopt new structures as far as possible under this premise