U.S. Pump Giant Shijiji Enters Binhai New Area

A few days ago, the acquisition ceremony of the US-based Dover Group's Baekje Pump Group and Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone Enterprise Tianjin Reid Screw Pump Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. was held at Ryder Company. The transfer of the business license was held by the persons in charge of th

Three screw pump removal and assembly considerations

Three screw pump removal steps: 1, screw pump and motor from the emptying medium (to prevent the motor, toxic media wounding); 2, remove the screw body discharge body; 3, remove the screw pump stator, if necessary, according to the axis of the pump shaft for auxiliary; 4, remove the rotor and t

Problems and treatments found during the test run

On December 26, 1996, Shanghai Baosteel signed a contract with LINDE of Germany to purchase a 60000m 3 / h oxygen generator (No. 6), in which key equipment was imported from Germany; the rest was produced and purchased by Baosteel. LINDE is part of a joint venture company (LPP) manufacturing i