·Wenzhou bus car is the highest in the country

On June 24th, Wenzhou City Ouhai District People's Hall, Wenzhou City-level government (career) units involved in the vehicle auction site, the participants of the auction activities placards. In April this year, Wenzhou introduced the New Deal to implement the official vehicle reform. Due to

Panasonic FD605 projector latest offer

Panasonic FD605 projector offers different pricing in the following regions: in the Guangdong region offer 99,999 -64,800 yuan, quoted in the Shanghai area is 29,999 - 64,000 yuan, quoted in Beijing, 31,500 - 61,300 yuan. Panasonic FD 605 projector main parameters: â—†Nominal bright

China's auto exports hit millions

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Miao Wei recently said in an interview with the media that Chinese auto exports have increased by 50% last year to 824,000 vehicles, which has exceeded the level before the financial crisis and will achieve the goal of breaking 1 mil

Mexico raises anti-dumping demands on tires

The International Committee for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Committee of Shandong Province revealed that Mexican-related companies have filed an application with the Mexican Ministry of Economy in recent days to request an anti-dumping investigation against the export of Mexican t

Corn growth environment

Corn is a kind of thermophilic plant. It is also a kind of short-day crop. If the sunshine hours are within 12 hours, it will mature sooner. If the sunshine is long, the flowering will be delayed, even affecting the corn's inability to crest. However, corn is still a high-yielding cr