Hamworth won 21 large LNG ship packages

According to Hamworthy, the company has received 21 liquefactions for Korean shipyards for Norwegian shipowners Golar, AWILCO and Höegh LNG and German shipowners MaranGas and Thenamariss. Natural gas vessels are equipped with orders for inert gas systems. It is reported that 12 Moms-type inert

Bolivia may implement nationalization of oil and gas fields

According to an overseas media report on May 20, Bolivian President Morales said recently that if a foreign company fails to invest in Bolivia's oil and gas fields within the stipulated time, he is ready to issue a decree to nationalize its oil and gas fields. According to reports by Bloomberg

Display development slow accumulation layout LED lighting

Accumulation is the leader in display driver ICs, and its market share is the highest in the world. However, as the display market will only grow slightly in the future, the accumulation will also actively deploy new product lines and increase operational growth momentum. Accumulation said that nex

Effects of Storage Conditions on the Life of Crop Seeds

The so-called seed longevity is usually the longest term for which the seed can maintain its viability under certain storage conditions after it matures from the mother plant. As with all living organisms, seeds continue to carry out life activities inside cells. When the seed is fully m