Discussion on Quoting Skills

First of all, we must report a price. The price of the quotation is judged according to the customer's enquiry. The price of the conventional product is medium, and the new product is slightly above. For the first contact, it is best not to use quotes such as "quote" to quot

China's sewing machinery exports hit a new high

In 2010, the global economy gradually recovered and the demand for the international sewing machine market that had been lying for nearly two years was released. As the largest producer and consumer of sewing machines, China's exports in the first three quarters showed an overall upwar

China Instruments Industry Development Trends

With the rapid development of time, the instrumentation industry has experienced the severe impact of the economic crisis. In 2010, the instrumentation industry has ushered in new opportunities for development. The development of instrumentation is like mushrooming development, plus and Wi

Omron Develops MEMS Flow Sensors for Fuel Cells

On January 14, 2011, Omron released a new MEMS flow sensor "Form D6F-70" that can measure fuel cell gas flow. The previously measured maximum flow rate of the product was 50 liters/minute, and the current product was increased to 70 liters/minute. January 25, 2011 began listing.

Auto parts check most auto parts failed

The Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision carried out a special spot check on the quality of auto parts products of auto parts production and sales companies in Sichuan Province in the third quarter of 2010. A total of 100 batches of auto parts products from 27 com