MEMS Technology Application and Market Development

MEMS has universal application, but its packaging experience principal is an important reason to determine whether it can have a bright future. MEMS and its applications MEMS skills use micro-manufacturing skills to integrate sensors, machine components, actuators, and electronics in a b

The economic cost of engine braking

1. The rational use of engine brakes is also of great benefit to saving the operating costs of the vehicle. After using the engine brakes, the service life of the brakes and tires is extended. Engine brakes do not need to be specially maintained, and all costs are reduced. 2. Engine braking

ThalesNano exclusive gas flow meter

In 2010 ThalesNano launched a new form of flowmeter called QuantiFlowTM. The system is co-investigated with MOL, a leading integrated oil and gas company in Central and Eastern Europe. Originally sold as part of ThalesNano's P-CubeTM and H-Cube MaxiTM reactors. Based on customer feedba

High-speed railway high-precision measurement

After a light rain in the morning, the sky has been gloomy. At the construction site of the Tengzhou East Railway Station on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Jiang Hexin and four other workers cooperated with the crane to lay a type II track slab on the road. "The track plate rough

Chusheng Tank Truck

The vehicle is suitable for the transportation of dangerous goods. The type of the vehicle for transporting dangerous goods is: FL, and the category number: 3. Transport medium: gasoline, density: 700 kg/m3. The effective volume of the tank is 21.4 cubic meters, and the