How Chinese Truck Companies Win in the Future

Most of the passenger car market is divided by foreign brands. In China's commercial vehicle market, truck independent brands have always occupied a strong position. According to the data from the China Automobile Engineering Society, in 2006 in the field of commercial vehicles, the market sha

Intro's new ship design software

Recently, Intu Corporation announced the launch of 3D intelligent ship design software. The software combines engineering, automatic drawing generation, production planning and manufacturing. It is the most advanced ship design software on the market, which simplifies the design process, reduces sh

Completed a single largest methanol plant in China

On October 16th, the 600,000-ton-year methanol project jointly invested by China Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Jianye Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance check. This is currently the single largest capacity methanol plant in China. The total project budget is 1.549 billion yuan, the actual

World Chemicals $1 Billion Club Ranking

BASF tops Dow Chemical's rankings The US "Chem Weekly" just announced the latest ranking of the 2007 World Chemicals $1 billion club. Ranked in the 2006 chemical sales of the finalists, BASF topped Dow Chemical in the previous year. BASF’s chemical sales in 2006 increased by 19

Gas heat pump technology and its application

Abstract: This paper introduces the working principle and application of the gas heat pump, which shows that the gas heat pump can ease the power shortage and adjust the seasonal unevenness of the gas consumption, which is beneficial to save energy and protect the environment. Author: Jiao Wenling

Contactless laser three-dimensional foot scanner

The first contactless laser three-dimensional foot scanner developed by Kunshan Duowei Professional Sports Shoes Research and Development Center and Tsinghua University Precision Instrument Department has been completed recently. In the future, it will be connected with CNC shoe la