Top 10 2003 models

In 2003, the Chinese car landscape changed dramatically. The new car show “You Sing Zhao Zhi De Debuted”. Within a year, more than 50 new wheels Fandetai debuted, making Chinese consumers feel as if they were Liu Kuang entered the Grand View Garden and saw dizziness. And those old mode

Chang'an Ford has lost 9.05 million this year

Just 11 days after Bill Ford, chairman and chief executive of Ford Motor Co., announced US$1 billion in capital increase in Chang’an Ford, on October 28, Chang’an Ford’s parent company Chang’an Automobile (000625) announced that the third quarter of 2003 is expected to

Xijiao Auto Parts City honorary title was withdrawn

Because of the serious quality problems in the auto parts products sold in the market, yesterday the Beijing Xijiao Auto Parts Market City was canceled by the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce as the “Capital Civilization Market” title, which was the first time in Beiji

Delphi's strong Asian market

Delphi, the US-based company, said in a statement recently that in the second half of the year, it signed a contract valued at nearly US$1 billion in Asia, which accounted for 63% of the US$1.5 billion in global sales completed by the company during the same period. Greg Kohenfelder, Delphi's