Shanghai parts need to be modular?

Modularity means that the parts factory can directly carry out production assembly and package. If domestic manufacturers can provide modules directly in their own R&D, they will reduce the cost of the entire vehicle plant and increase their own level. However, the supporting suppliers in Beij

Experts establish credit standards for auto parts companies

What kind of parts factory is the most popular supplier? What kind of parts factory is the easiest to purchase order? Are you a trusted component factory? This series of questions can be found in the forthcoming “Credit Evaluation Standards for China’s Auto Parts Enterprises”, a

The auto industry "only high growth is not enough

The heavy protection has created a high profit margin in the Chinese auto market, which has brought huge profits to the Chinese auto giants that are favored by the competent authorities, but this is not enough to make them face the next challenge. 2003, get ready in China! Everyone wants to ente

Diesel Engines for Vehicles: Where Do Foreign Banks Land?

Excellent profits allow outsiders to covet. It can be seen from the above table that foreign diesel engine companies almost uniformly introduce large-displacement products to the domestic market, and they all aim at the heavy truck market. This is the target market for foreign diesel products. The

Popular accessories "crazy" price distributors vary

When the price reduction of the whole vehicle becomes more and more intense, the price of Auto Parts and accessories is still high. Formed a situation where consumers can afford to use the car can not afford the car, so when the price of auto parts can fall with the vehicle as a consumer is the