Praxair will supply oxygen to Jinlong Copper

The reporter learned from the world-famous industrial gas supplier Praxair on June 1 that the company recently signed a 15-year gas supply contract with China's largest joint venture copper smelting company, Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd., and It will provide pipeline oxygen supply to its production

Heavy hammer butterfly valve applications

Keywords: Butterfly valve heavy hammer new technology application 1, technical principle Heavy hammer butterfly valve by the butterfly valve body, hydraulic bypass valve linkage, heavy hammer, release device, manual pump (or electric pump), rack drive cylinder and electronic control Partially compos

Black Petroleum Institute Press Conference

On June 5th, the 13th rotating equipment paper conference of the Petrochemical Machinery Branch of Heilongjiang Petroleum Institute was held at Daqing Petrochemical Company. The conference received a total of 88 papers. Finally, the jury determined that 10 papers covering technical application and