Fault Analysis and Treatment of Electric Valves

Abstract: With the gradual improvement of the automation level of the gathering and transportation station, electric valves have been widely used in production sites. Because the electric valve adopts the motor drive and control system, the convenient and convenient inspection and maintenance work i

How to choose the most suitable pressure transmitter

First, the wetted material. We should consider the medium measured by the pressure transmitter. The material of the contact medium of the general pressure transmitter is made of 316 stainless steel. If your medium is not corrosive to 316 stainless steel, then basically all the pressure changes. Th

Floater flow meter working principle

Float flow meter is a kind of flow meter whose working principle is relatively simple. Its working principle is also not as complicated as ultrasonic flow meter and electromagnetic flow meter . Floater flow meter working principle: The working principle of the flow meter is mainly a conical tube