Overall construction of diesel generator

Diesel generator overall construction diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2018-10-20 The diesel generator set is mainly composed of a body assembly and a crank connecting rod mechanism, a gas distribution mechanism and an intake and exhaust system, a fuel supply system, a lubrication

How to choose the right pickup?

1. Where is the product used? The pickups used in different places are different. Although most of the pickups are now omnidirectional and highly sensitive, they can be divided into indoor, outdoor, quiet, noisy and other environments depending on the use environment. For example, indoor pickups

Kindergarten face recognition channel gate solution

The safety of kindergartens has become a hot issue of concern to all sectors of society. Protecting every child and minimizing accidents that occur to them has become an important part of kindergarten education and management. Judging from the recent occurrence of several kindergarten blood cases,