Flotation agent addition problem

1 Dosing location. The choice of dosing location is related to the use and nature of the agent. 1 Usually, a pH adjuster is added to the ball mill to allow the inhibitor and collector to function in a slurry of suitable pH. It can eliminate some "impossible ions" that are harmful to flota

Mining project schedule planning process

(1) Procedures for the preparation of schedules 1. Research 2. Determine the plan 3. Divide the process and estimate the time (1) Division process (2) Determination of process duration Now two methods are generally used to determine the process duration: First, the "experience determinati

Commissioning and acceptance of ball mill

(1) Acceptance 1. Check if the error between the center line of the mill and the foundation is within the specified range; 2. Check if the mill and installation elevation are within the specified range; 3. Whether the equipment foundation has obvious defects and whether the secondary grouting lay